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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Tuna Salad

Today it was raining during the evening while I'm on my way back after work, so I decided to make my own dinner. Fortunately, I went to Tesco on Tuesday to get some sundries; so I have some supply of food.

I take a look at my minibar to see what I have - well, not much really, it's just fruits. So I decided to make my own salad. It is also another way to be health conscious and eat healthy - which is part of my goal earlier of the year. 

I started by defrozing the slices of lemon while I had my shower. After that I cut apples and tomatoes into small slices and put into a bowl. I sprinkled some almond nuts onto the bowl of fruits before adding in the tuna slices. Next, I pour a bit of the olive oil and squeeze some lemon juice out from the lemon slice which I defrozed earlier and finally mixed everything together and there I have my own tuna salad.

I like the mixture of sweet taste that the apple has and the sour taste that the lemon contributed to the salad. Although it is just a simple meal, I do enjoy every bite of it.


Friday, October 4, 2013

Memorable Coffee Experience at the Lighthouse Coffee

If you are a coffee lover, latte art will probably be something that you might wanted to try out. Well, yesterday I had one of the most memorable coffee experience at the Lighthouse Coffee, learning about the coffee, types of coffee makers and espresso machines and was even given the opportunity to make latte art during the three hours plus stint together with my colleagues for our quarter three teambuilding activity.

I have always like coffee - especially latte, mainly because of the latte art and also because I prefer the coffee with milk, rather than the black coffee. Don't get me wrong, I don't really mind having my coffee; it's just that I prefer to have it with milk.

Well, the teambuilding activity started at ten in the morning at the Lighthouse Coffee, and we were given some introduction on the different types of coffee as well as the coffee makers and espresso machines by the founder of the Lighthouse Coffee; and some demo on some of the ways to brew the coffee by the barista and even have coffee tasting session. After that, we were shown by the barista on how to make the latte art, and in fact we were given the opportunity to make some before heading to the lunch session.

It was indeed a memorable coffee experience and I learn a lot about coffee and was having a whole lots of fun tasting different types of coffee bean and making latte art, with the help from barista and another one without the help from barista (guess which one is with the help from barista and which one is without the help from the barista), and I'm pretty sure that it applies to the others as well.

We had our second session of the teambuilding after that; paid by our manager, but that will be another story.


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