My Goal This Year Is To Gain Weight My Goal This Year Is To Gain Weight

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Monday, April 11, 2011

My Goal This Year Is To Gain Weight

I made it a point to actually set a goal for every year. This year it is also the same thing.....I plan to gain few kilos by end of the year and to have a healthier body. Currently I'm underweight and in order to have a normal weight, I need to gain additional ten to fifteen kilogram.

Gaining weight seems to be the hardest thing to do, I am not sure why. I do not skip meals and I eat plenty of meat, to be honest. The only thing I'm lack of is doing workout. I admit that I've been lazy, but at the same time, I feel that if I just sit around doing nothing, I can keep the limited calories that my body can absorb, and guess I was wrong. A lot of my friends, old and new are gaining weight yearly while my weight was like maintaining for the past few years.

In order to do this, I plan out a light workout to build muscle rather than gaining fats which is not healthy. I will do a fifteen minutes workout either at home or at the gym in my office on Monday, Wednesday and Friday/Saturday. While I was taking of just building my body, my brother advice me to do cardio as well. So, in order to do that I might need another 15 minutes to jog....well, guess better to listen to him as he is the more athletic one in the family.

That's all I have for now. In the future I will blog more about it and maybe whether drinking protein and workout helps in gaining weight.

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  1. To gain weight fast, it requires eating calorie in your nutritious food. An example of a breakfast while on the weight gain diet includes chopped nuts, a banana, milk and fruit juice. A lunch would involve ½ cup of rice, 1 serving of pulses, 1 serving of curd or any non-vegetarian item, 1 serving of vegetable. You are also allowed snacks spaced mid-way between meals, like teatime in the evening. Eat a sensible dinner similar to what I have suggested for lunch.


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