Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

Know what does "Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining" mean? It actually means that you should things will still work out find in time of difficulty. It is a reminder for us not to feel hopeless or unhappy if we are staring at difficult times as difficult times will always lead to better days ahead.

It's been a rather up and down week for me. First, I was totally disconnected from msn in the office, which makes me rather boring working. I still can use web based msn messenger like web messenger, ebuddy etc, but that is just sooooooo boring. Some will say that it is a norm that we cannot go online chatting with friends when we are at work, but that is just so not me. I feel like, as long as we can deliver our task on time, we should be given our freedom. Freedom to do our own things while we are working. In fact, sometimes idea come in when you are chatting with friends. Ok....back to the up and down. Then, today my laptop hard disk crashed. I wonder whether it hits any of you before....after hibernating Windows XP, when you boot up the next day, your hard disk has a lot of errors until it cannot be accessed directly. You have to scan disk and fixed it first using another PC before it can be accessed. Anyway, it was fixed and I can blog, though I will reschedule for my laptop major repair at IT center in my office. That would take about a day, so I have to rushed my work and upload everything before taking my laptop for repair. I was also busy from like Monday till today, but I've already expected it, especially when Chinese New Year just about 10 days away. So better rush everything so that I can enjoy the holiday. The ups for this week is that I finally finished up all the assignments, which means I will be able to enjoy my Chinese New Year holiday and my msn connection was fixed. Guess, "every cloud has a silver lining" is true. I was very upset when my I cannot login to msn and was feeling worried when I see that the IT technician cannot access to my laptop hard disk content before using Windows XP build in scan disk to repair it, but in the end everything works out fine for me and I get to enjoy my holiday. Imagine what it would be if I did not finish up the task assigned to me.

Another reason I want to blog about this idiom is a reminder to everyone that everything will work out right even though we are staring at the worst recession ever. So, always remind ourselves, "Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining". So be happy always and enjoy every moment in our life, in good times, bad times.


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