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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Back to Business

Chinese New Year is now on the third day and I have beginning to feel a little bit bored. Well, with 4 more days of break, I think I'd better be back to business first. I am starting by a bit of blogging, reading others blog and doing some reading on business news. In one way or another, I feel like my mind is blank and having writer's block...or blogger's block. Anyway, it is good to warm up the engine first. When I'm back to work, I will need to do a lot of thinking.....Lolz!!!.

I've been wondering how other bloggers' friends are doing....I know some of them, still in Chinese New Year mode like me, was lazying around or hanging out with other friends and families.....but for us, Inter networking has become part of our life that we will go online from time to time to check on others....maybe to have short post in their blog...etc. Some might already posting their Chinese New Year activities, photos, etc, while some like me, still sitting around doing nothing but to post some craps.

Well, I have running nose since the first day of my long break. Sigh......Maybe I really need to go consult doctor to get some advice. Lolz........I do have enjoyable moment during the 1st two days of Chinese New Year and the Chinese New Year eve. Will be posting some photos of the moment in my next post and in Facebook.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year

It's been holiday mood and Chinese New Year mood for me this whole week. Well, I'm always in holiday mood, especially when I know I'll be having long break few weeks ahead. Next week, I'll be taking 3 days off from work, so it'll be about 9 days of holiday starting this Saturday. Been looking forward to this from the 1st day of the year. The radio station started to play the Chinese New Year songs, meaning it's coming soon. Real soon. Well, for all the Chinese around the world, this would be a time for gathering, meeting up with family members and celebration. For me, it's time for celebration, meeting ups and also rest. Chinese really likes to word 'Fa' which means rich, prosperity, etc. So, to all Chinese readers, Happy Chinese New Year....and Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!!


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Crappy Internet Connection

While I feel like updating the blog, it seems to me that the service provider is showing me otherwise. You see, whenever I try to login to blogger or gmail, it seems like there are 1/3 of the chance that I won't be able to do so. Even when I try to search using google....there will be time where I won't be able to do so. At first, I thought maybe Google want to cut cost, that's why it shut down some of the sites/servers, but my msn connectivity also sucks to the max. There's chances where my message cannot be delivered, or I cannot receive my friend's message, or even worse the connection drop. Sigh......Can't they provide better service for us? I thought previously TM told us that the connection will be back to normal after New Year? Well, now is 3 weeks after and we are still facing the same crappy connection. Well, I could be wrong, when the actual problem lies with my PC and laptop, but I really don't think so. To TMNet, please, please buck up your service. Any disruption to the service, please tell us, the consumer up front. Do not sweep everything under the carpet. That's all from me for now while still facing the crappy internet connection. :(


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

Know what does "Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining" mean? It actually means that you should things will still work out find in time of difficulty. It is a reminder for us not to feel hopeless or unhappy if we are staring at difficult times as difficult times will always lead to better days ahead.

It's been a rather up and down week for me. First, I was totally disconnected from msn in the office, which makes me rather boring working. I still can use web based msn messenger like web messenger, ebuddy etc, but that is just sooooooo boring. Some will say that it is a norm that we cannot go online chatting with friends when we are at work, but that is just so not me. I feel like, as long as we can deliver our task on time, we should be given our freedom. Freedom to do our own things while we are working. In fact, sometimes idea come in when you are chatting with friends. Ok....back to the up and down. Then, today my laptop hard disk crashed. I wonder whether it hits any of you before....after hibernating Windows XP, when you boot up the next day, your hard disk has a lot of errors until it cannot be accessed directly. You have to scan disk and fixed it first using another PC before it can be accessed. Anyway, it was fixed and I can blog, though I will reschedule for my laptop major repair at IT center in my office. That would take about a day, so I have to rushed my work and upload everything before taking my laptop for repair. I was also busy from like Monday till today, but I've already expected it, especially when Chinese New Year just about 10 days away. So better rush everything so that I can enjoy the holiday. The ups for this week is that I finally finished up all the assignments, which means I will be able to enjoy my Chinese New Year holiday and my msn connection was fixed. Guess, "every cloud has a silver lining" is true. I was very upset when my I cannot login to msn and was feeling worried when I see that the IT technician cannot access to my laptop hard disk content before using Windows XP build in scan disk to repair it, but in the end everything works out fine for me and I get to enjoy my holiday. Imagine what it would be if I did not finish up the task assigned to me.

Another reason I want to blog about this idiom is a reminder to everyone that everything will work out right even though we are staring at the worst recession ever. So, always remind ourselves, "Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining". So be happy always and enjoy every moment in our life, in good times, bad times.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Every year, there will be a time where we will be feeling a bit motivated to plan out what we are to expect throughout the year, what are we planning to do etc. Usually this happens at the very beginning of the year...or maybe at the end of the year where we will be planning ahead for the next year. planning good for us? I remember there's a quote by the Joker from "The Dark Knight" movie..... "Do I really look like a guy with a plan? You know what I am? I'm a dog chasing cars. I wouldn't know what to do with one if I caught it. You know, I just... do things. The mob has plans, the cops have plans, Gordon's got plans. You know, they're schemers. Schemers trying to control their little worlds. I'm not a schemer. I try to show the schemers how pathetic their attempts to control things really are." Then we come to a cross we need to plan or just follow what the Joker chasing cars?

We should keep in mind.....with plans there are possibilities of failing. But that should not defer us from planning. We should continue to plan and learn from our past mistakes.....and not follow what the Joker has said.

Planning motivates us. It also give us a sense of direction, well, at least it is true to me. I feel that sometimes I forgot where I'm heading when I strayed off my plans. I'm not sure how about others.

Maybe most of my plans worked out right. But, I still remember there was once things do not go according my way. And I was really like what the Joker has said....that how pathetic I attempt to control things, when the fact is most of the things might not go according my way. It's way beyond my control. Well, I learned from it though, and now I still continue to plan and will continue to plan.

So, what are your plans for the year?


Monday, January 5, 2009

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year 2009 to everyone

It's been 2 weeks since I last update this blog. The reason is pretty simple.....celebration, enjoy, etc until I seldom logon to my PC to even check emails, facebook, play games etc. I just login once in a while to maybe blogwalk, or reply MSN messages. That's all.

It's been kinda long holiday for me, though I still work in between Christmas and New Year 2009 (2 working days as I only take 2 days off). I was like going shopping malls like daily from Christmas day till New Year Day and then fall sick in between the 7 days of "the favourite time of year". Well, it's been like celebration or festives mood inside every one of us in the family. First, the Christmas Day. Then is the New Year Day. Next, my parents' wedding anniversary. And coming soon will be the Chinese New Year. :). I do hope the festives mood or celebration mood will continue to flow, so that everyone of us will be happy, though I'd be happier if I have more money to spend. Some of the pictures taken during this festives/celebration mood:-

Me and my siblings posting with our "head gear"

My parents

My granny and her daughters

Granny taking her presents - she wanna go sleep, but after that we video call her son (my uncle in England) and she woke up just to check on them in England

Yen Leng with her "present" from her boyfriend, my brother as Jovian looks on

Posting with her present??

This is something from Yen Leng....kinda nice

Water baptism in Church but never really go through the church service as I go shopping mall after that, but I can tell you, the hall is fully occupied

Something I make on New Year's eve

Mum and my brother gearing up for the next festival - the Chinese New Year

Still them from different view

The blossom plant with some lightings....trying out the effects

Celebrating parents' wedding anniversary at Yeolde English

Well, it's so coincident that today is the 12th day of Christmas.....well, I know it from my favourite radio station DJ and it has something to do that last day of getting Christmas presents or something like that. Well, even if it is the 12th day or whichever day of Christmas or even though it is not Christmas, it is still ok to give gifts to someone. As the saying goes, "It is better to give than receiving". And I know that GOD will bless those who give.

That's all the updates from me. Will continue to blog....and hopefully I will still have the mood to blog on the Chinese New Year season, where I'll be having a week off from work.


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