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Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Preparation - Part 3

Over the weekends, my family and I were busy getting ready for Christmas. All of us are really in Christmas mood. Even right now, I can still hear the same Christmas songs play over and over in my head.

We re-arranged the house furniture, so that the living hall will look bigger and can cramped more people in it. Then we finish decorating the Christmas tree, "fireplace" and also do some minor cleanup. My mum was marinating chicken wings - we are going to have BBQ that day plus something like potbless/potluck where every guest will contribute to the food as well. We also go shop for more junk food and other food to ensure that everyone will be full that day.

Our house "fireplace" which is 70% done

Mum is busy preparing the chicken wings

The marinated chicken wings - I'm sure it's delicious, well, at least that was what others comment on the wings previous year

Going to the nearby Tesco to buy more food etc

Trying out the new hat with my younger sister

Mum and my elder sister continue to decorate the "fireplace"

Even my younger brother's girlfriend also help out

Trying out the effect.........

Now, it's mum's turn

Well, that's all the preparation that I've been involved with. I'm sure there are other things to do, but I will not be around, as I'm back to work in Kulim.

Anyway, while I was blogging about this, something come to my mind. While we all have in mind, Christmas is like celebration, presents, Santa Claus, Jesus Christ, gathering etc. But do we really know what is the real meaning of Christmas? I'll try to post about it on my next post - and hopefully I get the real meaning of Christmas right......As for now, Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!

Signing off,
Jason Toh


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Blogging it From Tags

I'm not sure how tag works. But recently I got a tag from Ria and now blogging about it while I'm free. I was quite tie up with my work as I've just started to learn some of the coding and I have to do write the code based on the people's style, which makes it more difficult for me. Anyway, finish the coding and now waiting to test the code, though I'm positive it will work the way I want it. Anyway, back to the tags, and thanks Ria for remembering me:-

Places I would like to visit and why

Europe - The fact that I still never get a chance to travel oversea spurs my intention to visit Europe. Europe is very unique in a way that inside Europe itself, there's a lot of nice places such as The Stonehenge and Eiffel Tower. Besides that I can also visit to my favorite football stadium, Old Trafford - as I've been a Manchester United fan all the while.

The Stonehenge

Eiffel Tower

Old Trafford - Home ground of the Red Devils

Japan - Well, this place only come out to my mind all of sudden and it's also because I heard a lot of pretty girls in Japan, and since I'm still single, why not give it a shot. L0lz.

Tokyo Night View

China - Well, no specific reason except The China Great Wall and also this is where my ancestors live before migrating to Malaysia. Anyway, I still have some relatives over there, so it would be very nice to keep in touch with distant relatives as well. Not to mention Hong Kong is nearby China, which means if I go China, then I'll be visiting HK as well.

The Great Wall of China

The United States - When I was still a kid, I really like the States. Why? Apparently I myself also do not know the reason. Anyway, the States have places like Hollywood and Disneyland which I'm sure will be fun to visit.



New York City at night


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Blogging it My Way and Awards

Finally I can post something on awards. I've blog walk to other blogs and I found that some have awards. Then it comes to my mind, is there a way I can have it or anyone can nominate me? Well, one blogger was kind to me and nominate me for 3 awards, well at least it's something. The rules are pretty simple.

1. Put the award logo in your blog

2. Add the link of the person who gave you this award

3. Nominate at least 5 (five) blogs

4. Add links of the nominees

5. Leave a message to the nominees

All three awards were nominated by nenoneno. Thanks, nenoneno.

So, I've fulfilled first two rules. Now for the tough part.........the nominees are:-

1. KianHin

2. Eric

3. Ria

4. Carlos

5. SHY

Third and fourth rules also done. For the fifth rules, I'll just drop them a shout regarding the nomination. That's all for now. Cheers!!


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Preparation - Part 2

This post is to continue what I stop from the 1st part.

Yesterday was public holiday for some, well, at least for it was public holiday for me. I was still in Ipoh until this morning. Well, I went shopping for more Christmas tree decoration with my brother and his girlfriend at Ipoh Parade while waiting for my sister who was having her ACCA examination at Sunway. There's quite a lot of people doing their Christmas shopping as well, surprisingly, since not everyone was off yesterday. Anyway back to my own Christmas shopping, we just buy additional Christmas tree decoration, but amazingly still chalk up the bill up to more than RM200. Then we can also take a look at the camera fair as my sister was planning to get a new digicam, which is waterproof. Anyway, we have decided not to buy at the moment, partly due to my sister was at the exam hall. We leave the shopping mall at about 5++pm to fetch my sister at Sunway. Then we headed home.

After having my dinner, I started to decorate the tree with the new decorations that we bought at Ipoh Parade with my parents and sister. My brother was at his girlfriend's house at the moment. So, we decided not to wait for him. We decorate the tree ourselves. And the finished project.........

After.....with new "red" decorations

This picture might seems familiar....well it was at the Part 1 post, but just to re-post to compare the before adding in the "red" decorations, just plain gold

Next step, decision on whether to just have potluck or potbless or with BBQ together. Food preparation will be up next.....but I won't be doing that.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Slow Broadband Connection

I've been facing an extremely slow broadband connection over here. I begin to wonder, is it just me over in Malaysia or all people are having the same problem. If everywhere also the same, then could be google? To be honest, I'm not only facing slow Internet connectivity when I'm back at home. Even in the office the whole network sluggish like "snails". When I try to load will stuck like forever, until I refresh. Then when I go to forum, sometimes, totally cannot load. Then come Facebook. When I try to play the Pet Society.....the interface lag like grrrrrr.....dunno how to explain anymore.

Then something come up from my mind. Is it recession that most hosting server reduce their servers? Or my company cutting cut down on the broadband? Or is it TM which recently releasing the not-so-good financial result that prompt them to cut down oversea connections or reduce the number of connections to oversea servers?? Well, there's no prize for those who manage to guess it correctly. And worst thing is I still need to bear with slow broadband connection. And I thought broadband was supposed to be fast. Lolz.......

Anyway, I do hope that the SNAIL CONNECTION will back to the usual and the supposedly FAST CONNECTION


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

50% of the Christmas tree at Suria KLCC

The bottom half of the tree.....and the gift boxes are humongous

Commercialized Christmas "feeling" at Sunway Carnival Mall

Just a short post on Christmas. It seems that most shopping malls beginning to decorate the area with Christmas trees, presents and loads of other Christmas decoration. I only attached the decorations from 2 shopping malls, but that was from 2 different states as well. One shopping mall is from Sunway Carnival Mall from Penang, which is the northern region while another is the famous Suria KLCC (famous for expensive things....^^) from KL, which is the central region. Well, from the 2 malls, we can definitely know that the Christmas mood is everywhere....well, at least that is true from central region to northern region in Malaysia. Santa Claus is coming to town. ^^


Monday, December 1, 2008

Counting Down to 2009

When I look at the calendar at my Windows taskbar, I realize one thing. We are moving forward to 2009. In fact, after another 30 days, we will be in year 2009. It means that there will be start of something new. And also reminds me about the lyrics for High School Musical....Lolz. It seems that time really flies and we won't be able to turn back and re-do or un-do whatever things that do not go according to our way. It's actually better not to do something that we will regret. Anyway, back to 2009....I wonder, how many of us started to plan our Plan 2009? And how success are we in achieving our 2008 plans? How many of us totally forgotten what we have planned in the first place?

Anyway, was not really available over the weekend and was without Internet connection - I mean private connection. I cannot really blog from Starbucks or Coffee Bean or places with Wi-Fi connection. I was attending my friend's wedding. She was actually my course mates back in the Uni days and we were also in the same group for our thesis. Really wanna congratulates her as she already started the new chapter in her life - as a wife and life partner for Max - Max is her husband's name by the way. As for me, still stuck as beings ingle stuck at the same chapter. I wonder when it will be my turn. As for now, I will enjoy my freedom.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Not Connected

It's been 2 days since I was disconnected from the Internet world. Call me an Internet addict or whatever you can think of, but to me disconnected to the Internet really seems like a big deal. The Internet has brought me closer to family and friends. Imagine, we are more than 100km apart, yet we can talk/chat like no tomorrow, we can continue to share what is happening around our place. Some might argue that we can do that using phone. Yes, it can be done, but at very high cost. To be honest, Internet and telephone has really change the ways people connecting each other. The two media have coverage almost everywhere in the world that we can get connected with each other without having to be at the same place. The faster Internet connection, called broadband is getting cheaper and affordable, thus we can video chat with our family and friends. A lot of chat applications such as MSN and skype are getting more and more popular, and with the webcam integrated to the laptop or the external webcam is getting cheaper, more and more people are using video talk with their family and friends. Web connectivity applications such as Friendster and Facebook make our bond with old old pals closer. We can check on their daily updates (if they ever update their profiles) or continue to message each other. Gone are the days where we email or mail them, and wait for them to respond. Now everything seems to be realtime. The moment we send out our message, they will get it, and can easily respond us (almost realtime). And Facebook also has the laggy chat program that enable us to chat with our pals whenever they are online. So, it will really be tough for me to go through the days without Internet. It has become neccessity instead of luxuries, well at least for me. I cannot speak on behalf of others. But one thing for sure, kids from Gen Y onwards will find it hard NOT CONNECTED.


Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas Preparation - Part 1

When you walk about the malls this few days, you will surely see the Christmas decoration around. This is the indicator that Christmas Day is near. And it also means one thing to my family, preparation. It is always a joy thinking that the Christmas is near, always looking ahead of this day. It is a day where all Christian gathers together to celebrate the birth of Christ and at the same time the whole world is partying. It also means 1 week before we "Start of Something New". Anyway, back to my house preparation. My brother and his girlfriend and me setting up our our house Christmas tree with decorations.

Setting up the tree "foundation"

Clueless on what to do next

Great. Tree setup is done. Up next, decoration and lights!!

Still working in progress


We have good news and bad news. Good news is, we are getting more decoration for the tree. Bad news is the tree is only halfway done!!


Thursday, November 20, 2008


Sitting in the living room, watching the TV series about the legendary Bruce Lee, I'm feeling a little bit boring, which is why I blog - Lolz. I mentioned before that I have a lot of after-work entertainments. Well, it seems to me that has no longer valid, mainly due to the fact that I have already finished that TVB series - Moonlight Resonance. Well, the shows stressed on one thing that I have always agreed with. It is the importance of a family and that family should remain the top priority in our life. I might be stressing the importance of wealth and money on other blog - Money Master and it looks like I might be contradicting with myself because I have stressed on the importance of money and then now saying that family should remain the top priority in our life. Well, it's actually not. The way I put the header on the Money Master blog - (Making money is no easy job if you treat it as a burden but once it becomes your friend, that is when cash flows in. Becoming the master to money rather than slave to it helps us redefine the whole idea of earning more - it's more like the money working for us.), I'm stressing on using money to make more money........which is why I will always stressed on investment. Ok....let's not stray from the family topic.

For those youngsters working outstation like me, we will always think that we have freedom to do whatever we want, and our parents are not here to nag us. Well, the beginning, we really enjoy the freedom. Imagine, hanging out till late night with friends without getting nag from our mother or father who will not be having a restless sleep unless all their children are back safely home from an outings. I do understand that most parents really care for their children. I do not really think that there is any parents in the world who would not care for their children. In fact, their care have most of the time become annoyance to most of the youth. Sigh. But nevertheless, I do believe at one point of their life, they will see the importance of family and the gathering with their family members. the environment if eveyrone from grandparents till grandchildren gathers together enjoy their quality time together. Anyway....Youth....I suggest that you really enjoy your time with your family, as not all of us are so lucky to be working and staying so close to family members.

I still remember one part in the Moonlight Resonance series, where the eldest brother telling his younger siblings that everything has change. They cannot always gather together like when they are young. Each of them has their own life and lifestyle to go through. He might be right in one way or another. When all of us grow up, not all of us are working at the same place or area. Some might be working outstation or even oversea....have their family established over there. But he's not right in a way, he sort of exchanging his family for money, though in the end he regretted about it.

I can frankly speaking...spending quality time with family members is priceless. Until now, I still remember our Cameron Highlands trip. It's not the place that is making it so special. It is that I gather together with my siblings and some of my cousins. Some cousins might be annoying or our siblings may argue with us for the sake of arguing....but, I still think that is the fun part. We communicate. We annoyed each other. We beat each other up. We scold each other. We ....well, do a lot of things together.

Well, I think I should stop here. My mind sort of saturated with all the issues in the office and my heart already in hometown....since today is Thursday. I will continue to post.....maybe blogs on what we did in Cameron Highlands trip? Well, see how my laziness level go.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Yahoooo!!! It's Pay Day!!

18.30 - Feeling restless.....Turn on the wireless router and modem
18.40 - Connect laptop, get the internet connection
18.59 - Open the browser application, in my case I'm using Firefox 3.
19.00 - Login to my Internet banking account. Check the account summary.

Joy...and smile formed on my face. At last, after a long wait, (well, actually just about 30 days or less) salary bank-in.

NOW - Recession mode - over!!! (Well, at least over for now)



Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday's Blue

Have you all realize one thing? Time seems to pass slower on Monday compares to other days? And it seems like most people are suffering a thing called Monday's Blue? Compares to other days...I do not really like Monday. Call me lazy bum or whatever, I just don't feel like doing anything on Monday. Could be I've been lazying around during the weekends....thus the effects continue on Monday? Anyway, I've been having a REAL Monday's Blue today, as I was not feeling very well. I left office earlier, just to go back take a nap....and after that (now) I still don't feel so good. Usually.....yea, on Monday, I will not feel like working or doing anything, but today case totally different. It's so REAL to me that at one time I feel like doing nothing at all - not even blogging, though after that I've been getting a bit bored, so decided to blog on this Monday's Blue. Hopefully it will go away.....and will not continue tomorrow. Well, wish another Blue Monday to those that are having a day different time zone with me. LoLz.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Funny Clip from Youtube


Today is Thursday

Today is Thursday..............again!!! I've been eagerly waiting for Thursday every week. Although I might be busy over the week.....I will still be looking forward for Thursday. Every Thursday after work, I will have the relieve kind of feeling and say to myself......"Yes!! It's Thursday evening again." And on Friday morning, I'll be gladly to go work whether I have early morning meeting. Some might be wondering why would I be so happy if it's only Thursday and I still have one more working day to go. It's simple only. This is because there will be longer break on Friday lunch, thus can spend some "quality time" with my friends over here. Then, it also means "Balik Kampung" to me. And I missed my family soooooooooooo much. And I miss the food in Ipoh and also my mum's home cook food. I can definitely say that I have home sick feeling every week. From my uni days where I was staying in KL, I actually went back home sweet home every weekends maybe on Thursday or Friday and only go back to KL on Monday. Now it's the same. Going back on Friday after work and then go back to work in Kulim on Monday morning. I'm actually very glad to work in Kulim area - because it is close to my hometown and my family. Just 2++ hours drive, so it's quite convenient and not so tiring if I drive back to Kulim on monday morning. Besides, I only drive once in every fortnight. So, it is not that expensive-total expenses would be about RM100 per trip. The other week when I'm not driving, I will go back with my Dad. I'm actually very thankful to God that my dad actually works in northern region, so we can go back together once in every fortnight. Not only that, sometimes I can go Penang and stay with him. It's still better spending some quality time with family members than doing nothing over in Kulim, except maybe blogging? Lolz!!!!


Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Phew!!!.........Sigh!!!.........It's the only thing that I can think of recently. Already not getting enough sleep during the weekdays in Kulim as well as weekends in Ipoh, I was stuck with a lot of stuff from office. I have always wanted to have Work Life Effective, so, I do not think working extra hours will help. But seriously, issues keep on coming in. And I have only managed to solve about 50% of them, and 50% still pending or holding. Then I also need to start learning new things. To sum up.....I will be very very busy until end of the year. Some people might think.....why this guy ranting about on his blog while he can do his things instead. To be honest, after work, I do not want to think about anything related to my job. This is what I call WLE-Work Life Effective. But it seems to me that 8 hours in office really not sufficient to sort all the issues out.....especially the production will continue to run.....thus, issues......and backdated issues unsolve. With holidays creeping up next month, my mind actually switched off and focus on the wrong thing,....which is what to do during the holidays. So my issues will be delayed. Luckily for me, there's not much development running at the moment, even if there is, my buddy will take a look first, since she will be fully owning the product in the future. Anyway, it seems to me that I always feel work, after work, etc. I can say....I dun really feel like working...or waking up at all. I can't seems to get enough sleep, even though I try to go bed earlier than usual. Is it because age is catching up, like what I usually tell others?? Lolz!!. Or maybe I am overloaded with caffeine? I drink about 4-6 cups of coffee per day, though one cup of the coffee in the office is about 1/2 the cup i drank at home. Could be also right? Though it is normal for me to take few cups of coffee per day. I've been doing that since the uni time. Maybe I should try reduce the coffee intake, while at the same time, think of ways to improve my fitness. I do not want to be exhausted all the time. It just don't feel good.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Recently I have been blog walking to see how other blogs design and the topic for the blogs. Well, did not really get their idea or steal their idea, but I do notice one thing which is quite obvious. There are several blogs that I visited where the bloggers are mother/wife. Seems to me that gals can write or blog a lot better than guys. Most guys will write on specific topics but ladies seems to be able to express themselves very well on the Net. When guys want to blog something on personal stuff, it will be a disaster, like me. Is it because I cannot really blogs or I will lose the commitment to blogs or I'm not good in expressing myself? Dunno.... anyway this is just a short updates.

P/S: Blogging while watching Forensic Heroes


Monday, November 3, 2008

Not Bored Anymore :).

I was searching The Star Online for tonight's TV programme as I know I will be very boring after work if I do not have any TV programs to watch or any other form of entertainment like playing PC games, drawing etc. After looking through it for some time, then I realized I will be spoilt with the amount of TV programs that I can choose from. First is the cantonese movie in TV3, Unmatchable Match starring one of my favorite actor, Stephen Chow. It's actually an average cop flick stars Stephen Chow before he go full time comedy. I know a lot of people might say, "It's a repeat. Watch other movies or series better." But I'm a bit different. I always watch Stephen Chow's movie, though the movie might have been repeating for 2-3 times a year. In fact, I do have his movie collections. Next selection for the day is Forensic Heroes............again with my favorite actor and actress in it. Bobby Au Yeung and Linda Chung stars in this TVB series. I did not manage to watch it last time, nor I could not get a copy from my friend, thus, this TVB series is a MUST. Now I'm only stuck at 11pm-12am time frame when both are on air at TV3 and NTV7 respectivesly. Nevertheless, I will keep on switching the channel from that time onwards, so that I will not miss both. Then, I just realized that I need to catch up watching one new TVB series that I had recently. Been watching 12 episodes during the weekends with my family, and the series is soooo excited and I hardly can wait to finish it. Coming up soon will be Heroes Season 3 and then Smallville. Seems like I will be spoilt with these choices from this week onwards. Anyway, watching TV programs might just be one of my entertainment. I still need to practice my FIFA game, as I've been struggling in the World Class difficulty. Well......I can also blogs a bit and also maybe start plotting and drawing comic to past my free time in Kulim. Looks like in the end, I found myself something to do during the weekdays. YES!!! In the end, I found something that I can do to past the time. Hopefully this can last longer before I started to get bored with these activities. :)


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Irritating and Annoying Sound

Just had my bath and feel very annoying with the sound of the firecrackers. This annoying and irritating sound has been bothering me for some, no....weeks. It has been around since before Hari Raya. I cannot get enough of sleep because of this but I was quite ok in the beginning since I think that people have their right to have festive celebration. But not for them to continue after the celebration. I thought Hari Raya was already over for weeks and Deepavali was also over. I think there are still some fools around my housing area in Kulim playing with this fireworks and the sound is really annoying and irritating. What on earth are these peoples thinking? Don't they know that Hari Raya was over? I don't really remember people celebrate Deepavali by playing fireworks/firecrackers. Besides that, I thought all the while that firecrackers/fireworks are illegal in Malaysia, no? How I wished someone would report to the police and get these people arrested. Or can someone please give me the nearest police station telephone so that I can call and make a report myself. But please, please don't reply with 999 because I seriously do not think this is so urgent until I need to call the 999 hotline. Anyway, after ranting a while, I do feel better :)


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Blog reboot

Did not update this blog for quite some time. In fact it's almost 1/2 a year since I last update the blog. So it is time to reboot and revamp this blog. Sometimes I find it hard to maintain so many blogs. Not that I want to have so many blogs....but I do actually find it more appropriate to have different blogs to blog on different subjects. Like in my case, Money Master is finance + money related postings. I want to commit myself to blog at least one post in one of my blogs, to keep the blog going rather than letting it die off just like what I did previously for this blog.

Time do pass by without us noticing. I really lose track on what I've been doing these 6 months. Every day in my life was by day just passed by without me realizing. I feel that 6 months were wasted just like that. 6 months just passed in the one eye blink. How I wished I can turn back time and redo the whole thing; spend my time doing more practical stuff, though I really cannot find anything practical to do in Kulim during the weekdays :D, which is why I'm thinking of blogging to express my feelings, and at the same time to pass time. Everyday I worked for 8 about hours in the office, and then sleep for about 6-7 hours max, so I roughly have about at least 9 hours to do my personal stuff like blogging, some house chores etc. If these personal time is well spend, I'm sure that I won't regret it when I look back on what I did throughout the year. Cheers ;)


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Been out for some time

I've not been updating this blog lately. Well, let's just said that sometimes it is difficult to maintain so much blogs. Anyway I was on the mood of reading blogs lately more than to write it at least. And well, I came across this blog which I found very interesting. And I'm going to put it into my links. Anyway it was about the

Microsoft's Imagine Cup

I love the way the author of the blog put it, that this Imagine Cup actually encourages risk taking as well as innovation. The Earth Day activities done by corporate companies have been kinda empty to be honest and to read of this is what that really gives that sort of encouragement.

The Imagine Cup is an annual competition calling on students around the world to create technology applications that make the world a better place. There are video game and digital arts categories, but the one that interested me most was software design -- seven finalists from colleges and universities around the country competing to find ways to improve the environment, reduce carbon footprints, and make smarter use of natural resources.

And one of the participating students actually said it more concisely. "We're trying to do something that hasn't been done before, merging creativity with innovation and technology."

The Imagine Cup was part of a two-day, Microsoft-sponsored event in Los Angeles built around innovation and technology. Writer and PBS personality Tavis Smiley lauded this morning's participants and attendees for their ideas and contributions. "Courage, conviction, and commitment is what it takes to be an innovator," he told the audience, composed largely of local high school students. And most people never summon the courage it takes to risk failure. "The greatest ideas in this country can be found in graveyards," Smiley said, recalling something his grandfather often repeated. "Most people never act on their great ideas and take them to the grave instead."

That courage piece got forgotten later in a sidebar among some panelists over whether China and India are technology's new leaders, and which country is the most competitive. What I appreciate about competitions like this is the encouragement of risk-taking, where failure is a real possibility. It's a place where every country and culture could benefit.

I was really encouraged by the imagination of people and more so, people who dare to risk to succeed. It remind me of the person by the name Thomas Edison. He quoted this "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."

I believe that is what it takes for people to go far not in terms of invention alone, but also in other areas. Everyday a person imagine of something new. But the question is how much risk are we taking for that imagination to become reality.


Sunday, March 9, 2008

My brother has been doing very well with his blogs actually. In fact, I think he is really getting into the mood of "blogging". What does it really mean when we said do it the BLOGGER way?
Probably a name that will help us to connect with many other bloggers, and in the long run, help us to expand our world view and eventually giving us more inspiration to live on in this world that is full of "tragedies" in a way.
What sort of "tragedies" that I am talking about? The kind that neglect the people who are poor. Not to forget the pollution that keeps going on in this world. And the nuclear weapon that destroys the lives of mankind just by a blast. Nothing seems to matter any more. Lately it was the GENERAL ELECTION in Malaysia and we are seeing how people trying to make a change by supporting the Opposition parties. Don't get me political agenda in this blog here...nothing about DAP or BN. In fact, I think that the Government has been trying to do what they could to build Malaysia into a better place. Probably just not good enough, which is why the voters are making some changes this year.
But these "tragedies" actually are happening the States, England and many other countries. How many of us would react if other people criticize the "GODS" that we believe in? I just cannot understand the fullness of the "mess" in this world. Yearly production of handphones, batteries, computers and many other goods contribute to the "GLOBAL WARMING". How consumerism is killing the world is unimaginable and as much as I hate to admit it, with me blogging now as well as getting new handphones, I am making this world a more POLLUTED place to live in,
Well, probably we are caught in the "system" of this world and never mind what is being written and said about on "Earth Day", it does not matters the next thing when money becomes the topic. This blog seek to be part of all these mess and learn to live with it, and also to make a difference in all of the "ugliness of this world".
Probably my brother did it a better way to send the message by sharing his personal life, but I believe that it is a matter of time that we need to engage on topics that are more than just "us".


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Been quite busy these few days with my work. Although busy, I am quite satisfy with the jobs and projects given to me. More projects given meaning more learning opportunity. Though I am quite tie-up with all the projects, but I will always ensure I have a balance working life. Which is also another reason why I update this blog. WLE or Work Life Effective is the working culture that I want in my life. I believe no matter how busy we are, we must always ready to leave our jobs after working hour. Of course at times, I do work round the clock, but at times only and not always. I have a feeling that we can actually finished the tasks assigned to us within our working time if we have good time management. Some people might think that I am lazy or not dedicated to my job. But, I'm not. I feel that I'm quite dedicated to my jobs. It is just that I always remind myself to have a balance of working and personal life. As a matter of fact, I am always punctual to work and sometimes I start work earlier so that I can finish my tasks. I'm different compares to a lot of the employees here. Some will always try to abuse the flexibility given to us. Coming late to work, but "cabut" quite early, not coming to work at all without notifying others and take the annual leave given to us, and etc. Is this because we are Asian? I come across a lot of companies giving flexibility to their employees oversea, but not in Asian countries. I wonder whether it is true that Asian will always abuse the system. However, I'm thankful to GOD that he provide me with a job that provide flexibility in Malaysia as well, cause I'm not the kind of guy who would like to stuck with the sign-in, sign-out thing.


Saturday, February 23, 2008

Why do we blog? This is the question that I asked myself when I see my younger brother blogging, who will be the co-author to this blog as well. Few months back, I did not like blogging as I did not like to express my feelings or thoughts to others. But after going thru some of the blogs, I began to realize that blogging is not only expressing ourselves, but at the same time connecting with others and share our knowledge with others. It is sort of another way to socialize with others via the Internet. I used to think bloggers are those lone rangers, geeks and those without anything to do with abundance of free time to blog. But come to think of it, if a blogger has very few activities, what is he or she gonna blog about? Some really blog for the sake of blogging. I do come across intellectual blogs, which really enlighten me. If we are stuck troubleshooting our pc, some blogs might in fact help us out. Some bloggers give step by step instruction on how to do something. Some bloggers give reviews on certain subjects, such as cars, movies, etc. Reading these blogs mean that we are able to see how others perceive on certain products, and not just based on the producer of the products. The producer will be bias, of course. While bloggers can choose to be bias as well, not all blogs will be bias. So in one way or another, when we read these blogs, we can roughly know how others feel for the products. Blogging can be fun, but at the same time it is time consuming, and to some others, blogging can be stressful. No matter how we perceive blogging, I still think it will be a good experience to blog. It can be use as a tool to help think out of box.


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