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Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Preparation - Part 3

Over the weekends, my family and I were busy getting ready for Christmas. All of us are really in Christmas mood. Even right now, I can still hear the same Christmas songs play over and over in my head.

We re-arranged the house furniture, so that the living hall will look bigger and can cramped more people in it. Then we finish decorating the Christmas tree, "fireplace" and also do some minor cleanup. My mum was marinating chicken wings - we are going to have BBQ that day plus something like potbless/potluck where every guest will contribute to the food as well. We also go shop for more junk food and other food to ensure that everyone will be full that day.

Our house "fireplace" which is 70% done

Mum is busy preparing the chicken wings

The marinated chicken wings - I'm sure it's delicious, well, at least that was what others comment on the wings previous year

Going to the nearby Tesco to buy more food etc

Trying out the new hat with my younger sister

Mum and my elder sister continue to decorate the "fireplace"

Even my younger brother's girlfriend also help out

Trying out the effect.........

Now, it's mum's turn

Well, that's all the preparation that I've been involved with. I'm sure there are other things to do, but I will not be around, as I'm back to work in Kulim.

Anyway, while I was blogging about this, something come to my mind. While we all have in mind, Christmas is like celebration, presents, Santa Claus, Jesus Christ, gathering etc. But do we really know what is the real meaning of Christmas? I'll try to post about it on my next post - and hopefully I get the real meaning of Christmas right......As for now, Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!

Signing off,
Jason Toh


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Blogging it From Tags

I'm not sure how tag works. But recently I got a tag from Ria and now blogging about it while I'm free. I was quite tie up with my work as I've just started to learn some of the coding and I have to do write the code based on the people's style, which makes it more difficult for me. Anyway, finish the coding and now waiting to test the code, though I'm positive it will work the way I want it. Anyway, back to the tags, and thanks Ria for remembering me:-

Places I would like to visit and why

Europe - The fact that I still never get a chance to travel oversea spurs my intention to visit Europe. Europe is very unique in a way that inside Europe itself, there's a lot of nice places such as The Stonehenge and Eiffel Tower. Besides that I can also visit to my favorite football stadium, Old Trafford - as I've been a Manchester United fan all the while.

The Stonehenge

Eiffel Tower

Old Trafford - Home ground of the Red Devils

Japan - Well, this place only come out to my mind all of sudden and it's also because I heard a lot of pretty girls in Japan, and since I'm still single, why not give it a shot. L0lz.

Tokyo Night View

China - Well, no specific reason except The China Great Wall and also this is where my ancestors live before migrating to Malaysia. Anyway, I still have some relatives over there, so it would be very nice to keep in touch with distant relatives as well. Not to mention Hong Kong is nearby China, which means if I go China, then I'll be visiting HK as well.

The Great Wall of China

The United States - When I was still a kid, I really like the States. Why? Apparently I myself also do not know the reason. Anyway, the States have places like Hollywood and Disneyland which I'm sure will be fun to visit.



New York City at night


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Blogging it My Way and Awards

Finally I can post something on awards. I've blog walk to other blogs and I found that some have awards. Then it comes to my mind, is there a way I can have it or anyone can nominate me? Well, one blogger was kind to me and nominate me for 3 awards, well at least it's something. The rules are pretty simple.

1. Put the award logo in your blog

2. Add the link of the person who gave you this award

3. Nominate at least 5 (five) blogs

4. Add links of the nominees

5. Leave a message to the nominees

All three awards were nominated by nenoneno. Thanks, nenoneno.

So, I've fulfilled first two rules. Now for the tough part.........the nominees are:-

1. KianHin

2. Eric

3. Ria

4. Carlos

5. SHY

Third and fourth rules also done. For the fifth rules, I'll just drop them a shout regarding the nomination. That's all for now. Cheers!!


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Preparation - Part 2

This post is to continue what I stop from the 1st part.

Yesterday was public holiday for some, well, at least for it was public holiday for me. I was still in Ipoh until this morning. Well, I went shopping for more Christmas tree decoration with my brother and his girlfriend at Ipoh Parade while waiting for my sister who was having her ACCA examination at Sunway. There's quite a lot of people doing their Christmas shopping as well, surprisingly, since not everyone was off yesterday. Anyway back to my own Christmas shopping, we just buy additional Christmas tree decoration, but amazingly still chalk up the bill up to more than RM200. Then we can also take a look at the camera fair as my sister was planning to get a new digicam, which is waterproof. Anyway, we have decided not to buy at the moment, partly due to my sister was at the exam hall. We leave the shopping mall at about 5++pm to fetch my sister at Sunway. Then we headed home.

After having my dinner, I started to decorate the tree with the new decorations that we bought at Ipoh Parade with my parents and sister. My brother was at his girlfriend's house at the moment. So, we decided not to wait for him. We decorate the tree ourselves. And the finished project.........

After.....with new "red" decorations

This picture might seems familiar....well it was at the Part 1 post, but just to re-post to compare the before adding in the "red" decorations, just plain gold

Next step, decision on whether to just have potluck or potbless or with BBQ together. Food preparation will be up next.....but I won't be doing that.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Slow Broadband Connection

I've been facing an extremely slow broadband connection over here. I begin to wonder, is it just me over in Malaysia or all people are having the same problem. If everywhere also the same, then could be google? To be honest, I'm not only facing slow Internet connectivity when I'm back at home. Even in the office the whole network sluggish like "snails". When I try to load will stuck like forever, until I refresh. Then when I go to forum, sometimes, totally cannot load. Then come Facebook. When I try to play the Pet Society.....the interface lag like grrrrrr.....dunno how to explain anymore.

Then something come up from my mind. Is it recession that most hosting server reduce their servers? Or my company cutting cut down on the broadband? Or is it TM which recently releasing the not-so-good financial result that prompt them to cut down oversea connections or reduce the number of connections to oversea servers?? Well, there's no prize for those who manage to guess it correctly. And worst thing is I still need to bear with slow broadband connection. And I thought broadband was supposed to be fast. Lolz.......

Anyway, I do hope that the SNAIL CONNECTION will back to the usual and the supposedly FAST CONNECTION


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

50% of the Christmas tree at Suria KLCC

The bottom half of the tree.....and the gift boxes are humongous

Commercialized Christmas "feeling" at Sunway Carnival Mall

Just a short post on Christmas. It seems that most shopping malls beginning to decorate the area with Christmas trees, presents and loads of other Christmas decoration. I only attached the decorations from 2 shopping malls, but that was from 2 different states as well. One shopping mall is from Sunway Carnival Mall from Penang, which is the northern region while another is the famous Suria KLCC (famous for expensive things....^^) from KL, which is the central region. Well, from the 2 malls, we can definitely know that the Christmas mood is everywhere....well, at least that is true from central region to northern region in Malaysia. Santa Claus is coming to town. ^^


Monday, December 1, 2008

Counting Down to 2009

When I look at the calendar at my Windows taskbar, I realize one thing. We are moving forward to 2009. In fact, after another 30 days, we will be in year 2009. It means that there will be start of something new. And also reminds me about the lyrics for High School Musical....Lolz. It seems that time really flies and we won't be able to turn back and re-do or un-do whatever things that do not go according to our way. It's actually better not to do something that we will regret. Anyway, back to 2009....I wonder, how many of us started to plan our Plan 2009? And how success are we in achieving our 2008 plans? How many of us totally forgotten what we have planned in the first place?

Anyway, was not really available over the weekend and was without Internet connection - I mean private connection. I cannot really blog from Starbucks or Coffee Bean or places with Wi-Fi connection. I was attending my friend's wedding. She was actually my course mates back in the Uni days and we were also in the same group for our thesis. Really wanna congratulates her as she already started the new chapter in her life - as a wife and life partner for Max - Max is her husband's name by the way. As for me, still stuck as beings ingle stuck at the same chapter. I wonder when it will be my turn. As for now, I will enjoy my freedom.


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