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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Five Helpful Ways To Repair Your Bad Credit

You should always try to better your credit score since an improved score helps you obtain a loan, an insurance policy or a job more easily. When you are searching for ways to repair your bad credit, your condition is similar to that of countless American citizens. You should not disregard your bad credit. If you don’t take appropriate measures to mend your credit history, the difficulty would get bigger and ultimately would spoil your financial future. However, there is hope for everyone. There are some solutions that can help you better your credit.

Five Useful Ways To Repair Your Bad Credit

Following are five useful tips to better your credit history and mend some undesirable habits:

Rebuild a strong payment history: You just have to maintain two credit cards and discontinue all the other cards. Choose one card that carries an attractive rewards program and have another for contingency situations. Anything further than this is hard to monitor and might tempt you to spend more.

Stay away from bankruptcies, collections and tax liens: These would be reflected on your credit report for a number of years. They might not hinder you in securing a loan, but you can anticipate a credit union or bank to ask for a higher rate from you. Make sure that you pay off any outstanding tax lien otherwise creditors can start harassing you.

Go for a secured credit card: Send an application for a secured credit card with a low credit limit. The interest rate for outstanding balances would be substantial so you must ensure that you always have sufficient cash available for making your payment. Be disciplined in your spending habits.

Begin by making payments on time: Delayed payments ruin your credit rating. Make timely payment of your bills in order to ensure that you don’t miss a payment. Give priority to your car and mortgage payments.

Keep track of your credit report: Every six months, get your credit report and ensure that there are no mistakes. Not only would this assist you to sustain the correctness of your credit report, but your rising score would work as a motivator to follow the program.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Change the method

I was reading the newspaper when I come across this quotation by Mercedes-Benz President/CEO, Peter Honegg: 'With normal marketing methods, we cannot survive the crisis.'
That's is all about crisis. In fact, everyday you wake up, you should know that you are waking up in a world full of crisis.

It is about being extraordinary and living beyond the norm to survive. Change THE METHOD!!

Even the recently passed away King Of Pop, MJ sing in his songs, MAN IN THE MIRROR...'gonna make a change, for once in my life'.

That's right. You need to make a change. If you are doing sales, you need to change the method of normal marketing strategy. You must be able to see beyond what others can see. If you can do that, then you are on your way to richness.

Survival is not as easy as everyone imagine. It is tough but you can do it, you can be successful in the realm of wealth if you dare to CHANGE!!


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