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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Not Connected

It's been 2 days since I was disconnected from the Internet world. Call me an Internet addict or whatever you can think of, but to me disconnected to the Internet really seems like a big deal. The Internet has brought me closer to family and friends. Imagine, we are more than 100km apart, yet we can talk/chat like no tomorrow, we can continue to share what is happening around our place. Some might argue that we can do that using phone. Yes, it can be done, but at very high cost. To be honest, Internet and telephone has really change the ways people connecting each other. The two media have coverage almost everywhere in the world that we can get connected with each other without having to be at the same place. The faster Internet connection, called broadband is getting cheaper and affordable, thus we can video chat with our family and friends. A lot of chat applications such as MSN and skype are getting more and more popular, and with the webcam integrated to the laptop or the external webcam is getting cheaper, more and more people are using video talk with their family and friends. Web connectivity applications such as Friendster and Facebook make our bond with old old pals closer. We can check on their daily updates (if they ever update their profiles) or continue to message each other. Gone are the days where we email or mail them, and wait for them to respond. Now everything seems to be realtime. The moment we send out our message, they will get it, and can easily respond us (almost realtime). And Facebook also has the laggy chat program that enable us to chat with our pals whenever they are online. So, it will really be tough for me to go through the days without Internet. It has become neccessity instead of luxuries, well at least for me. I cannot speak on behalf of others. But one thing for sure, kids from Gen Y onwards will find it hard NOT CONNECTED.

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