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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ipoh House Renovation Progress - Part 2

Last 2 weeks, I blogged about the progress of the renovation of my house in Ipoh, so decided to continue the momentum of blogging about it this round. Refer to the Ipoh House Renovation Progress for that post.

Kitchen cabinet work in progress

Mini bar work in progress

This post will be more of the progress of kitchen cabinets and the mini bar that I have in my house. Well, the cabinets were supposedly done in the mid of May, finally completed last weekends, well not really 100% done, but can consider so - only awaiting some minor touch up to the cabinets. If you asked me, I will not say the workmanship is perfect, but I can say it's totally acceptable and I'm ok with it, anyway.

Completed view of the wet kitchen cabinet

The whole process of waiting the cabinets to be up was like crazy. I mean the whole process of assembling the cabinet to be completed like a month back, only to realized that he re-took the measurement on and off to finalized his design. And then when I was back there during one of the weekend, he only managed to complete the wet kitchen cabinet, which is too slow, but unfortunately he must do all the sawing back in his factory due to the complaint from my neighbour. Anyway, was glad that finally he manage to assemble everything for me to see over the last weekends while I was still in Ipoh. Next step is to design the TV cabinets and some wardrobes - which I'm hopeful to see the everyone moving in by end of the year - and have house warming during the Christmas season.

Completed dry kitchen cabinet

Another view of the completed dry kitchen cabinet

Completed mini bar, with me inside

Another view of the completed mini bar


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