My Visit to Dupont - Part 1 My Visit to Dupont - Part 1

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

My Visit to Dupont - Part 1

In the beginning of this week, I do not have the time to blog so much as I was on my way from Penang to the United States.

I depart from Penang on Monday evening in the Penang International Airport to Singapore Changi Airport and have few hours hanging around at the airport before taking the connecting flight to the Narita International Airport in Tokyo, Japan early next morning. The flight was about eight to nine hours and by the time the flight reach the Narita International Airport, it was about 3 in the evening on Tuesday. The next connecting flight to the Sea-Tac Airport is just around the corner and after passing through the airport procedures, I'm ready to fly to the United States and reached Sea-Tac Airport on Tuesday morning. It was quite funny because we actually landed before we even took off.

Here I spend about 2 hours to clear the immigration. At first, the plan is to get a car rental at the airport, but after waiting for quite some time, Bryan Fuchek and I decided that it will be best to take a limo service instead. By the time I reached the Red Lion Hotel in Olympia, it was about 3pm. Got a bit tired, so sleep through the day and have my dinner in the hotel as well.

Red Lion Hotel

Red Lion Hotel - Inside the room

Next day, Bryan Fuchek came to the hotel to pick me up to work before I got my car rental at Tacoma the following day.

My ride in DuPont

By the time I have the car I was already on the way to check out from the Red Lion Hotel on the next day. It was indeed a very short stay at the Red Lion Hotel, but it was not because of the service or room condition that I get back in the Red Lion Hotel. It is mainly because of the distance from the hotel to the workplace. I mean, it does not make any sense to drive like about 30 minutes every day to go office and back to the hotel. Some people might like it, but I prefer stay just about 5 to 8 minutes driving distance. In fact, I like the Red Lion Hotel and the breakfast there is just nice.

This is what I usually had for my breakfast in Red Lion

Anyway, I checked in at the Guesthouse International in DuPont on Friday just before lunch. The place is located just about 6 minutes drive from Intel DuPont, so it is really convenient to me. Funny thing is when I first fire up the GPS to guide me back to the office from this hotel, it took me back to Olympia before going back to the office. Guess, I just make a wrong turn which leads me back to the freeway all the way to Olympia and then head back north to the office.

Guesthouse Intl DuPont

Guesthouse Intl - Inside the room

Funny thing about the United States is that most shopping malls and restaurants closed at 9pm during the weekdays and 6pm on Sunday. Even shopping malls or most restaurants in Malaysia would close at 10pm everyday and if there is special events, they will extend the business hour. But here in the United States, it is just the opposite.

Another thing I find it hard to adjust over here is longer day vs night since now is summer. If I remember correctly, it will be bright after 4am and the sun will only set at about after 9pm.

After about a week in the United States, I like it here actually. Currently, the weather has been real good and the food here is just nice, though the portion would be a bit too big for me - in fact, I almost never finish up my meals over here. There are a lot of neat and cool stuff to be done over here and I've just came back from outings with Bryan Fuchek, however I'm gonna leave that next time as I'm quite tired and since there is cable TV service over here and is now showing Death Race, I might as well enjoy the movie while getting ready to sleep.

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  1. Hey, that's nice! Are you still in the US? Did you try the casinos in Vegas? Watched the fountains at Bellagio? Enjoy!


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