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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Crappy Internet Connection

While I feel like updating the blog, it seems to me that the service provider is showing me otherwise. You see, whenever I try to login to blogger or gmail, it seems like there are 1/3 of the chance that I won't be able to do so. Even when I try to search using google....there will be time where I won't be able to do so. At first, I thought maybe Google want to cut cost, that's why it shut down some of the sites/servers, but my msn connectivity also sucks to the max. There's chances where my message cannot be delivered, or I cannot receive my friend's message, or even worse the connection drop. Sigh......Can't they provide better service for us? I thought previously TM told us that the connection will be back to normal after New Year? Well, now is 3 weeks after and we are still facing the same crappy connection. Well, I could be wrong, when the actual problem lies with my PC and laptop, but I really don't think so. To TMNet, please, please buck up your service. Any disruption to the service, please tell us, the consumer up front. Do not sweep everything under the carpet. That's all from me for now while still facing the crappy internet connection. :(

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