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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Protecting Family and Yourself With Life Insurance

It is important to cover ourselves and protect the our family member with a good Term Life Insurance that has sufficient coverage so that if anything gone bad to us, there is still some money left for them to use. This is especially true to the sole breadwinner of the family as the claim from insurance can be use to support the family while they are gone.

There are few things that we need to consider when we Buy Life Insurance. One of the most important things that we need to consider before taking up the insurance premium is the premium price and the coverage that we are going to get from the insurance company. A rule of thumb is that the premium price that we are going to pay annually should not end up becoming our burden in our financial goals making it looks as if we are over insured.

There are some problems with buying life term insurance that is time consuming. These are like filling out medical questionnaires and getting the life insurance medical exams from a list specified panel doctors.

However offers one term life insurance - without the need of going to medical examination and without the endless paperwork! It is one of the first companies in America licensed to sell Life Insurance No Exam and it does not matter where in the country you live, it can quote your life insurance for FREE within a matter of minutes.

One will just answer a few short, simple questions, then click GET A FREE QUOTE and voila, you will get the free quote of the life insurance and if you are happy with your free quote then you can purchase your policy right here online and even print it out. Questions shall redirect to the licensed agent by calling 1-800-939-0710 toll free number.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Do You Believe in Horoscope?

Do you believe in horoscope? I am not sure whether I will want to believe but surprisingly some of the statements are quite true. Below are the quote of statement from a website that I have been following just for fun:-

"You have made a new friend. You might have met this guy or woman in the subway or on a park bench or at a major diplomatic convention in Washington. He or she will become influential in your thinking life. Someone who can assist you in decision-making. An eminence grise - a smart chum who helps you with some of your heaviest thinking. In many ways, this Tiger year has put a huge burden on you. You have spent entire weeks worrying about others, helping them out of scrapes and bailing them out of their own messes. With this new friend, you will do a great deal of venting. Lucky for you, this new friend will clarify some of the more complex issues you have been grappling with. This person's clarity of thinking serves you well because he or she simply doesn't think the same way you do. Keep this person on board in your life. Telephone them often. If they live far away you can always email them once or twice a week. Don't worry, in your own way, you are helping this person too. From now until the clement Cat/Rabbit year which begins on February 2, 2011 you will be in planning mode. There are of course holidays coming up. As you love to receive guests and cook for the whole world, feasts will be at the center of your planning schemes. You will shop and make lists and prepare gifts and meals for family and friends galore. Peripherally, you will be making different plans. You have devoted much time to a family member or a close friend over the past year. Time you spent because you felt duty bound to do so. In so doing you neglected the most crucial person of all - yourself. Instead of thinking about how next year will pan out, you have dedicated yourself to the welfare of someone else. You have known for quite awhile that you wanted out of this situation. Take your need for independence to your new friend for some clear-headed advice on how to wriggle out of the current circumstance gracefully and with dignity."

First few statement regarding a person I met in Washington, how on Earth would the writer know I've been to Washington State?

Then the writer talk about the huge burden in the Tiger year and spend weeks helping someone to clear his or her mess. Well...another statement that really applies to me.

And next, planning mood. Again hitting the bulls eye. I have been planning for some of the stuff, like next year's budget, some of the upcoming events and holidays. It makes the holidays statement correct as well. But then again, we can always argue that December is always a holiday month and people plans a lot during this period of time.

Then, devoting time to family. Again this is quite true. Lazy to elaborate further, though.

So, after reading all the coincidence, if you ask me whether I believe in horoscope or not, I still have doubt with all these craps, but still a good read though.


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Some of the things that happened to me in October 2010

While I could not think of what to blog here, I would like to update a bit on what's happening around me over the last month, so I simply come out with a blog post title "Some of the Things That Happened to Me In October 2010" as my last post in this blog was on the September 21st.

Well, over the last whole month of October, I did blog, but only in the Money Master blog on What Does the Malaysia 2011 Budget Has In Store For Us? and on Malaysia Budget for the Year 2011: Transformation Towards a Developed and High-Income Nation. Kind of busy with stuff like that, I did not come into updating this blog and update much on other blogs as well.

Some of the happenings include received my free Ipod Shuffle from Standard Chartered bank, as well as getting the HSBC credit card after about two months of waiting and hassle with the HSBC customer service. Bad experience from them, I must say, which somehow now relegate the HSBC credit card to become the spare credit card. Anyway, will post about this free Ipod Shuffle next post in this blog as well as blog a bit about the benefit of using the credit card in my Money Master blog.

Signing off for now :D


Monday, November 1, 2010

Life as a Parent

Life as a parent is full of challenges be it in the form of finance or parental responsibility because babies can be full of surprises when it comes to meeting their demand. Babies will suddenly cry if it is awake in the middle of the night thus one of the way to make them comfortable when they are taking a nap is by using baby bouncer, which is getting more affordable nowadays.


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