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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Looking Back and Ahead

Of late, I have become lazy again and this blog was left idle for like a month while I busy consolidate photos that I took from the Chengdu and Bangkok trip two months back and in fact, I just finish copy those photos from my friends' laptop to mine.

It has been sort of non productive month for me in September, maybe due to the long holiday that we have during the Raya week by the end of August. Over the month, just work and go through the same boring life as always, nothing special except went out for The Smurfs movie with a friend on one of the weekends in Kulim.

Looking ahead, this will be a busy month for me from work or even personal activities. In office, I will need to engage on some software and setup activities which could take some time, or even time consuming to some extend as I do not have any experience with the software.

On personal acitivies.....My brother's convocation ceremony will be held in University of Malaya this weekend, so this week my family members and I are traveling to Kuala Lumpur to attend the convocation ceremony and we will be staying one night - time for siblings gathering to catch up what's happen on our side.

Subsequently I will need to look back what I have achieved this year and then start to plan for 2012 - travel plans, 2012 plans and goals, financial goals and many more.

P/S: I've linked my sister's blog, Doink to this blog as well, finally.

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