Do You Believe In Feng Shui? Do You Believe In Feng Shui?

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Do You Believe In Feng Shui?

Yesterday, a renowned feng shui practitioner, Joey Yap comes to my work place to give a talk on what the year of the water dragon will bring us. For those who do not know what feng shui is, Feng Shui is a Chinese system of geomancy believed to use the laws of both Heaven (Chinese astronomy) and Earth to help one improve life by receiving positive qi.

Ok, I am not being superstitious, But, I find myself sort of having confident in his talk, well, not to mention that the fact that the year of the water dragon will bring great things and good luck in my life. Since Chinese New Year is just around the corner, I might as well just listen to what this year will bring me to.

Anyway, there are numerous reason that I believe in what he has thought us in the hall. One of the main reason is his "predictions" for the past 2 years were accurate. Another, of course this so call "consultation" is free, and everyone has their right to believe or not what he said. Then, unlike most of the feng shui practitioner where they will ask you to buy some feng shui related stuff and place it somewhere in the house in order to activate the qi, Joey Yap never asked us to do so. Of course finally, since this year will be better year than last, why not believe it. At least, it gives us some confident to go through the year.

The Chinese has a saying "Feng Shui master will con you years", but come to think of it, they are the one who started practicing this art thousand years ago and there are as many success stories on people who practice Feng Shui as well as not successful. However, I believe everything is due to the individual. Feng Shui might not be favourable for one this year, but there are a lot of things for him or her to do to get the favour - some requires minor change, in which majority individual will be reluctant to do, so, finally the problem still be there and when the Feng Shui favours him or her, it will not do him much favour as the old problem will still persist.

So, do you believe in Feng Shui?

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