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Monday, February 13, 2012

The Choices We Make

The news about pop diva Whitney Houston die at the age of 48 surely must have taken all of us by surprise. Honestly speaking, I'm not the kind of people who always follow the news from the entertainment world, but yesterday when I load the Facebook app from my iPod, I was like in shock of the news that the brilliant and talented pop diva passed away. I saw so many status on the news that I quickly Google to see whether the news is genuine or not. True, Whitney Houston was a real talent having sold millions of albums and songs throughout her career, but at the same time, her life after hooking with Bobby Brown is filled with drug abuse, rehabs etc. I'm not saying that the cause of her death is 100% confirmed due to drug abused, but surely the drug abuse episode does have a lot of impact to her career as well as her life.

Everyone of us are responsible for all the choices - actions and decisions that we make every moment.....these choices will indirectly impact us in the near future, be it giving a positive result or even a negative one. Some of us might think that the actions and decisions that we made today will not have so big impact, but the fact is these actions and decisions that we made every moment prove to be crucial in our life.

Don't believe? Why not sit down one day and think of some of the decision or action that we made previously and see how the action or decision has the impact to our present day. I am sure some of those actions and decisions do have big impact to how our present day. One of the examples that I can think of is choosing getting job offers from different company and how it might have totally change my life. It was six years ago, when I'm on my final year in my degree studies......and I was offered jobs from various locations, from Kuala Lumpur to Penang to Kulim. I took the decision to join Intel Kulim, back then, and I must say, should I have chosen jobs from other locations, the way that I think and even my lifestyle would have totally been different from what I'm having now.

Another example that I can think of is choosing our education path. After my SPM, I was not offered to go STPM, well, mainly because of one subject which I did not score credit - a big surprise to me actually as I never score below credit for my Bahasa Melayu. But I was thankful to God who told my mum that I should take STPM rather than going to private colleges when I was thinking of my next step after getting the worse than expected SPM result. Of course, it's because of God, and my school principal back then, Mr Louis allowed me to join the Form 6 classes while re-taking my Bahasa Melayu, which of course I got better than credit and then finally I get to go the the university of my choice with the course of my choice. Should I have follow other path, right now I might be bogged down with the education loan. I am not saying that I am making the correct choices, life could have been a lot better, but I'm content with my current one. And should I take the bad results so serious that I do something stupid, I will not be here blogging today.

Of course, my life was not just determine by these 2 actions or decisions, but what I am saying is that my life definitely is not what I am having now, should I have make other choices. Whitney Houston is brilliant, and I am not gonna deny that, just that she has made her choices on what to do with her life, which eventually takes her life - and she has got to be responsible for that.

Rest In Peace Whitney Houston, the world will surely remember the talent like you.

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