Ipoh House Renovation Progress - Part 4 Ipoh House Renovation Progress - Part 4

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Ipoh House Renovation Progress - Part 4

It's been more than a month since I last update on my Ipoh house renovation progress - the last post on the renovation progress being at the Ipoh House Renovation Progress - Part 3 in July. Nevertheless, during August time frame, we do a lot of moving in stuff, like moving in those clothes that we rarely wear, disassemble and assemble my display cabinet which I bought in Ikea like one to two years back.

My collection of Starbucks tumblers and cups from places that I went before, limited ed. Starbucks anniversary mugs and tumblers and mugs from Universal Studio, Singapore

Anyway, during this time also we source our bar stools, dining table and chairs and other furniture which might deemed important in a home - well, the bar stools are important as I have a bar over there. It also took us a while to decide on the dining table and chairs set - after considering the budget and the size of the whole set, although the bar stools selection was like a swift due to I have it in mind what I wanted.

My bar

After that, I decided I have enough money to build another 2 built-in wardrobes - in my room and my sister's room and another table in my room. We ask our interior designer to draw out the plan for us and I feel that is what I wanted, so we asked him to go ahead and build the wardrobe. And finally, we have that installed as well.

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  1. Hi there, may i have the contractor phone no. or mobile that help you reno the house? Looking for a trusty one to get my old house refreshed. Can email me (whlooi@gmail.com)? thx.


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