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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Tuna Salad

Today it was raining during the evening while I'm on my way back after work, so I decided to make my own dinner. Fortunately, I went to Tesco on Tuesday to get some sundries; so I have some supply of food.

I take a look at my minibar to see what I have - well, not much really, it's just fruits. So I decided to make my own salad. It is also another way to be health conscious and eat healthy - which is part of my goal earlier of the year. 

I started by defrozing the slices of lemon while I had my shower. After that I cut apples and tomatoes into small slices and put into a bowl. I sprinkled some almond nuts onto the bowl of fruits before adding in the tuna slices. Next, I pour a bit of the olive oil and squeeze some lemon juice out from the lemon slice which I defrozed earlier and finally mixed everything together and there I have my own tuna salad.

I like the mixture of sweet taste that the apple has and the sour taste that the lemon contributed to the salad. Although it is just a simple meal, I do enjoy every bite of it.

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