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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Why do we blog? This is the question that I asked myself when I see my younger brother blogging, who will be the co-author to this blog as well. Few months back, I did not like blogging as I did not like to express my feelings or thoughts to others. But after going thru some of the blogs, I began to realize that blogging is not only expressing ourselves, but at the same time connecting with others and share our knowledge with others. It is sort of another way to socialize with others via the Internet. I used to think bloggers are those lone rangers, geeks and those without anything to do with abundance of free time to blog. But come to think of it, if a blogger has very few activities, what is he or she gonna blog about? Some really blog for the sake of blogging. I do come across intellectual blogs, which really enlighten me. If we are stuck troubleshooting our pc, some blogs might in fact help us out. Some bloggers give step by step instruction on how to do something. Some bloggers give reviews on certain subjects, such as cars, movies, etc. Reading these blogs mean that we are able to see how others perceive on certain products, and not just based on the producer of the products. The producer will be bias, of course. While bloggers can choose to be bias as well, not all blogs will be bias. So in one way or another, when we read these blogs, we can roughly know how others feel for the products. Blogging can be fun, but at the same time it is time consuming, and to some others, blogging can be stressful. No matter how we perceive blogging, I still think it will be a good experience to blog. It can be use as a tool to help think out of box.

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