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Sunday, March 9, 2008

My brother has been doing very well with his blogs actually. In fact, I think he is really getting into the mood of "blogging". What does it really mean when we said do it the BLOGGER way?
Probably a name that will help us to connect with many other bloggers, and in the long run, help us to expand our world view and eventually giving us more inspiration to live on in this world that is full of "tragedies" in a way.
What sort of "tragedies" that I am talking about? The kind that neglect the people who are poor. Not to forget the pollution that keeps going on in this world. And the nuclear weapon that destroys the lives of mankind just by a blast. Nothing seems to matter any more. Lately it was the GENERAL ELECTION in Malaysia and we are seeing how people trying to make a change by supporting the Opposition parties. Don't get me political agenda in this blog here...nothing about DAP or BN. In fact, I think that the Government has been trying to do what they could to build Malaysia into a better place. Probably just not good enough, which is why the voters are making some changes this year.
But these "tragedies" actually are happening the States, England and many other countries. How many of us would react if other people criticize the "GODS" that we believe in? I just cannot understand the fullness of the "mess" in this world. Yearly production of handphones, batteries, computers and many other goods contribute to the "GLOBAL WARMING". How consumerism is killing the world is unimaginable and as much as I hate to admit it, with me blogging now as well as getting new handphones, I am making this world a more POLLUTED place to live in,
Well, probably we are caught in the "system" of this world and never mind what is being written and said about on "Earth Day", it does not matters the next thing when money becomes the topic. This blog seek to be part of all these mess and learn to live with it, and also to make a difference in all of the "ugliness of this world".
Probably my brother did it a better way to send the message by sharing his personal life, but I believe that it is a matter of time that we need to engage on topics that are more than just "us".

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  1. I am quite interested on how your brother is in the mood of blogging and how he connects with other bloggers...honestly, I have been blogging for quite sometime now, but my visitors are just few...I must admit I am not a good writer but I love to write... I want to increase my visitors so that I can earn from the internet, lol.


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