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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Blog reboot

Did not update this blog for quite some time. In fact it's almost 1/2 a year since I last update the blog. So it is time to reboot and revamp this blog. Sometimes I find it hard to maintain so many blogs. Not that I want to have so many blogs....but I do actually find it more appropriate to have different blogs to blog on different subjects. Like in my case, Money Master is finance + money related postings. I want to commit myself to blog at least one post in one of my blogs, to keep the blog going rather than letting it die off just like what I did previously for this blog.

Time do pass by without us noticing. I really lose track on what I've been doing these 6 months. Every day in my life was by day just passed by without me realizing. I feel that 6 months were wasted just like that. 6 months just passed in the one eye blink. How I wished I can turn back time and redo the whole thing; spend my time doing more practical stuff, though I really cannot find anything practical to do in Kulim during the weekdays :D, which is why I'm thinking of blogging to express my feelings, and at the same time to pass time. Everyday I worked for 8 about hours in the office, and then sleep for about 6-7 hours max, so I roughly have about at least 9 hours to do my personal stuff like blogging, some house chores etc. If these personal time is well spend, I'm sure that I won't regret it when I look back on what I did throughout the year. Cheers ;)

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