Irritating and Annoying Sound Irritating and Annoying Sound

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Irritating and Annoying Sound

Just had my bath and feel very annoying with the sound of the firecrackers. This annoying and irritating sound has been bothering me for some, no....weeks. It has been around since before Hari Raya. I cannot get enough of sleep because of this but I was quite ok in the beginning since I think that people have their right to have festive celebration. But not for them to continue after the celebration. I thought Hari Raya was already over for weeks and Deepavali was also over. I think there are still some fools around my housing area in Kulim playing with this fireworks and the sound is really annoying and irritating. What on earth are these peoples thinking? Don't they know that Hari Raya was over? I don't really remember people celebrate Deepavali by playing fireworks/firecrackers. Besides that, I thought all the while that firecrackers/fireworks are illegal in Malaysia, no? How I wished someone would report to the police and get these people arrested. Or can someone please give me the nearest police station telephone so that I can call and make a report myself. But please, please don't reply with 999 because I seriously do not think this is so urgent until I need to call the 999 hotline. Anyway, after ranting a while, I do feel better :)

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