Merry Christmas, Happy New Year 2009 to everyone Merry Christmas, Happy New Year 2009 to everyone

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Monday, January 5, 2009

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year 2009 to everyone

It's been 2 weeks since I last update this blog. The reason is pretty simple.....celebration, enjoy, etc until I seldom logon to my PC to even check emails, facebook, play games etc. I just login once in a while to maybe blogwalk, or reply MSN messages. That's all.

It's been kinda long holiday for me, though I still work in between Christmas and New Year 2009 (2 working days as I only take 2 days off). I was like going shopping malls like daily from Christmas day till New Year Day and then fall sick in between the 7 days of "the favourite time of year". Well, it's been like celebration or festives mood inside every one of us in the family. First, the Christmas Day. Then is the New Year Day. Next, my parents' wedding anniversary. And coming soon will be the Chinese New Year. :). I do hope the festives mood or celebration mood will continue to flow, so that everyone of us will be happy, though I'd be happier if I have more money to spend. Some of the pictures taken during this festives/celebration mood:-

Me and my siblings posting with our "head gear"

My parents

My granny and her daughters

Granny taking her presents - she wanna go sleep, but after that we video call her son (my uncle in England) and she woke up just to check on them in England

Yen Leng with her "present" from her boyfriend, my brother as Jovian looks on

Posting with her present??

This is something from Yen Leng....kinda nice

Water baptism in Church but never really go through the church service as I go shopping mall after that, but I can tell you, the hall is fully occupied

Something I make on New Year's eve

Mum and my brother gearing up for the next festival - the Chinese New Year

Still them from different view

The blossom plant with some lightings....trying out the effects

Celebrating parents' wedding anniversary at Yeolde English

Well, it's so coincident that today is the 12th day of Christmas.....well, I know it from my favourite radio station DJ and it has something to do that last day of getting Christmas presents or something like that. Well, even if it is the 12th day or whichever day of Christmas or even though it is not Christmas, it is still ok to give gifts to someone. As the saying goes, "It is better to give than receiving". And I know that GOD will bless those who give.

That's all the updates from me. Will continue to blog....and hopefully I will still have the mood to blog on the Chinese New Year season, where I'll be having a week off from work.


  1. Happy Anniv to your parents and it's nice to see happy faces in your blog =)

  2. hi there..
    I see you have a warm family around you.. happy new year, hope you and your family be blessed with so much love :)


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