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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Back to Business

Chinese New Year is now on the third day and I have beginning to feel a little bit bored. Well, with 4 more days of break, I think I'd better be back to business first. I am starting by a bit of blogging, reading others blog and doing some reading on business news. In one way or another, I feel like my mind is blank and having writer's block...or blogger's block. Anyway, it is good to warm up the engine first. When I'm back to work, I will need to do a lot of thinking.....Lolz!!!.

I've been wondering how other bloggers' friends are doing....I know some of them, still in Chinese New Year mode like me, was lazying around or hanging out with other friends and families.....but for us, Inter networking has become part of our life that we will go online from time to time to check on others....maybe to have short post in their blog...etc. Some might already posting their Chinese New Year activities, photos, etc, while some like me, still sitting around doing nothing but to post some craps.

Well, I have running nose since the first day of my long break. Sigh......Maybe I really need to go consult doctor to get some advice. Lolz........I do have enjoyable moment during the 1st two days of Chinese New Year and the Chinese New Year eve. Will be posting some photos of the moment in my next post and in Facebook.

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