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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sorry for MIA...

Sorry for Missing In Action (MIA)...that's the first thing I should post about after days of absence. All the more just after I blog about CONSISTENCY, I think I should be doing that. Anyway, I need to apologize for my absence. I was down with fever and hurt myself...which is what prevented me from facing the computer.

the injury I got...eventually infected and I had a fever...

But it is also important to keep in mind that in all circumstances, there will be positive outcome from it if we look deep down enough and take time to reflect from those circumstances.
I think that's very important as we recall on my post on RESPONSIBILITY= the ability to respond to circumstances.

Anyway, through these time when I had fever and sick, I realized that for us to be ahead and better than others, it is also crucial to be in perfect health.

Which is why I'm now taking vitamins daily and also making sure that I'm back to my jogging routine, if not daily but at least must be weekly.
Here are the two types of vitamins that I'm taking at the moment...BIO C PLUS and B COMPLEX. Both under the brand Nutrilite.
Of course I'm not here to promote that brand but after doing some research I believe the two vitamins are suitable for people in my condition...always sleeping late and waking up early. Energy...that's what we need.

Well, jogging is something that I was doing back in my Form 4 and 5 days...those days I was one of the athlete. Although I might not be as fast as I used to, but I believe by jogging consistently, I'll regain my fitness...well, it is also important to take note that overly doing it (jogging) will cause injury to the knee in the long run. Hence it is important to do it but not excessively.

I think it is a good realization for a young age where we start to be caution about our health, that is when we will stay ahead of others in time to come...while others might need to take days off to recover, we will be continue to be strong and ahead of others....because we're HEALTHY!!

I was never a health conscious person but I'm glad that I have friends that can help me in this area....where I can learn to take good care of my body...:-)

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: This blog will be taking a month off as I will need to be taking my study break...which means I'll probably not have time to blog...

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