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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Winning formula...

If you want to be one of the survival among the best, then you must first acknowledge the winning formula.

What is a winning formula?

I will easily sum it up in one word, RESPONSIBILITY!!!

Yes, I know that you might be wondering why is it that RESPONSIBILITY should be the winning formula for the best because it doesn't even seem to connect.

But here is the most important of all other formula.
The word Responsibility comes from the word, "RESPOND" and "ABILITY". Connecting the two of them, we could easily understand it as the ability to respond.

This is the most crucial part in life, because no matter what strategies or plans or formulas one have, at the end of the day, we must take into account of all the random variables (possibilities).
And no doubt bout that, it is most important for us to be able to respond.

God give us an important gift compare to other living being...that is our ability to respond to circumstances, to changes no matter how tough it may be.

But that ability does not come easily, it comes with the word PROACTIVE.
We must be proactive so that we can respond to those changes. So that we can be responsible of certain portfolios or job scope.

To me, that is the winning formula.

If you want to know more, then here is an author that I will recommend you to read: Stephen R. Covey.

the book that change your life? It might just be true...

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  1. Its very creative ways to put the word RESPONSIBILITY into perspective. I learn something new today. Thanks.

    I believe you must be someone who loves philosophy. :)


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