17th Sept 2009...."ACTIVATION" of the BloggISH.. 17th Sept 2009...."ACTIVATION" of the BloggISH..

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

17th Sept 2009...."ACTIVATION" of the BloggISH..

It probably take more than just a day or a week but a consistent effort of Blogging...BLoggISH consists of 2 young adults who try to give the BLOGGING industry a try out while continue to be very active in the things that they are doing.

One of them is JasonToh, and another is KianHin@se3keR.
A computer science graduate and a 2nd year Statistic course student who is also taking Actuarial Pro Paper decided to OFFICIATE our blog. These blogs have been activated for quite a long time but there have never been a consistency in the updates.

Well, there isn't any celebration but this will be a reminder that we are keen to be BLoggIing about the happenings of our lives and of course, important and crucial details, be it about the economy, politics, cool Gadgets, or even our muddled lives. Stay tuned for more....you can check the latest updates through Facebook: JasonToh or KianHin for updates or follow us on Twitter.

As for now, three updates are available in CoffeeConversation, JUST BLOG IT and Money Master.

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