Christmas 2009 Celebration Christmas 2009 Celebration

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009 Celebration

Unlike last 2 years where we have BBQ at home, this year, my family plan to have a simple Christmas 2009 celebration. Simple here is defined by less workload preparing the Christmas dishes and everything at home.

We went to Maria's Cafe to have dinner on the Christmas eve night. The menu on the night was specially made for the Christmas occasion with all the food having fancy names. Overall, I do not like the food, neither do most of my family members, except maybe my father. I am not to say that the food did not taste good, but it just didn't suit me. I would not comment on the overall service as during peak season, we will see staff forgetting about this and that.

Me at Maria's Cafe

All of them

Some of the food that we ordered


After we dine at Maria's Cafe, we went to Starbucks to have a cup of coffee before heading back home to get and open our presents. Lolz!!

At Starbucks

Well, that sums up what I did with family for Christmas. Overall, it was a tiring day as I just came back to Ipoh on the day itself, and we also need to sleep early that night as we have to wake up real early next day for church service.

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