Goodbye 2009 and Hello 2010 Goodbye 2009 and Hello 2010

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Friday, January 1, 2010

Goodbye 2009 and Hello 2010

Goodbye 2009 and Hello 2010 is what we have been talking lately. There is a lot of things that happen in the year 2009, starting with the rebounding of the stock markets, some of the famous deaths (MJ - sob sob and more recently Brittany Murphy) and the news of Michael Schumacher returning to the F1, but with different team. All those have little to do with us actually, but at least those are what's happening around. Let us all reflect what the Year 2009 had been to us. Was it good, bad or is there anything that we can do to improve? How was our relationship with our close ones? Or have we move to the next level of relationship and family?

It is too tough for me to summarize what is happening in 2009 in just one post, besides, I'm just plain lazy to blog it as well. For me, it is time to leave the past in the past, while carving the future. Past will always be a reference to me, so that I do not repeat the same mistakes over and over again. It is no point reflecting back what we did over the whole year, but not learning anything.

So, why not take some time to reflect on those while we have our New Year resolutions? What do you want to achieve in this year? Have you set financial goals for the year 2010 to be financially independent? Too many questions and too many things to achieve? Maybe it is really time to take our New Year resolutions seriously and execute what we have plan for the whole year of 2010 and what this year can offer us. Let us make this year a year of change that will transform each and everyone of us to a better person.

Goodbye 2009 and Happy New Year 2010!!!

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