Listening to KARA's Lupin Listening to KARA's Lupin

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Listening to KARA's Lupin

Kara - Lupin

Recently the weather was extremely hot in Malaysia until I do not have the mood to blog or write - one of the reason why my blog was not updated. Another reason of not blogging is because of the snail speed of the Celcom 3G Broadband, in which I plan to cancel and move to use TM Streamyx which can at least guarantee me a better connection than Celcom 3G Broadband. But since I have not blog for quite some times, I thought of blogging while at the same time listening to Kara's song, titled Lupin and on and off watching the Lupin MV which I have downloaded.

Kara, with the Umbrella song performance costume

Since last few weeks, I have been listening to songs by Kara. For those who do not know who Kara is, Kara is actually a Korean pop group consisting of 5 beautiful girls, Gyuri, SeungYeon, Hara, Nicole and JiYoung. However, bear in mind that these 5 girls are the new Kara, Kara-1 consisting of 4 girls, Gyuri, Nicole and SeungYeon as well as Sunghee. I really like their songs, especially their songs from latest release of the mini album titled Lupin.

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