My Visit to Dupont - 4th of July Weekends My Visit to Dupont - 4th of July Weekends

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Visit to Dupont - 4th of July Weekends

This post actually continue from My Visit to Dupont - Gearing up for the 4th of July

It has been 10 days since the July 4th. Well, I did not get to blog on the 4th of July weekends in the US over the weekend as I was on my personal trip to Las Vegas.

Nevertheless, 4th of July week is great. First of all, since it is ID4, there are sales all over the place and shopping can be fun whenever there is sales because everything will seems so affordable and for those who cannot control the temptation of buying stuff, it is better to go out without the credit card.

Centralia Outlets

I went to the Centralia Outlet to get some stuff on the eve of the 4th. Centralia Outlets is kind of cool because the I5 freeway is in between the outlet and some shops are located at the East of the freeway while most of the shops are at the West of the freeway. If someone is planning to go buy Nike and Coach, going to this outlet is a bad idea because the two shops are located at opposite direction and you have to either drive or walk to the other side of the outlet. Nevertheless, there are more choices of food that you can actually get from here compare to the Factory Outlet at North Bend. The whole shopping thing also took the whole day.

Next day in the morning, I drive around my hotel area and went to the Sunnyside Beach at the town of Steilacoom, but the crowd there is crazy. There are just too many people and cars until I can't even find a place to park.

Setting up the GPS to navigate me around

Some random shot I took when I was driving. We see more trees in the States than in Malaysia

Some random shots around Sunnyside Beach area

Sunnyside Beach at Steilacoom

Housing area near DuPont

Some random shots

It seems like there is a parade in the morning, though I don't realized that


Then in the afternoon, Bryan and I went to the Port of Orchard which is about 30 to 40 minutes drive from DuPont. The place is kind of cool actually and we went there to see the fireworks on a boat owned by the family of his friend. It was a freezing night actually and to see the fireworks outdoor is really no brainer - in fact, I could not even capture a decent shot of the fireworks mainly because of the camera and my hands are shaking furiously due to the weather, but I enjoyed every moment there with his friends.

Port of Orchard Yacht Club entrance


Walking towards the boat

Cabin space of the boat has almost everything from TV to fridge

Some random shots I was taking when my hands are shaking like crazy

If my hands were not shaking that bad, I would have get a decent shot of the fireworks

Well, guess I have to stop here since it is about time for me to go bed. Will blog about Vegas next time.

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