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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Blogging Again

After more than a month not posting anything new in this blog, guess it is the right time to post some updates rather than leaving the blog to idle.

Well, recent days, I was quite busy with my work that sometimes I don't feel like wanting to blog, although I do share some interesting articles like The "Middle Income" Trap and How Rich is Rich in my Money Master blog.

Other updates include learning how to use Wordpress. I got a blog account setup in Wordpress at However, I still haven't really get the gist on how to use Wordpress, as I just so used to the Blogger layout and everything that is in Blogger compare to Wordpress.

Anyway, I intended to maybe switch this blog to Wordpress after I know how to use it because Wordpress has a lot of customization, although Blogger is catching up soon. One thing that I don't really like Blogger is that it does not have category and only has label to do that where as Wordpress has tags and categories which means blogger can blog a lot more different topics in one blog vs multiple blog in Blogger.

Well, guess enough of updates. Wanna go watch TV now. Will update more next round.

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