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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Stats for Blogger by Google

It's been quite some time that I log on to my Blogger account to blog. To my surprise, I find there is new function of the Blogger. It is the Stats. At least, I do hope it is something new, as I seriously remembered that I never saw that function in the Dashboard before all the years I have been using Blogger as my blogging platform.

Well, what does this actually mean and why it seems so significant that I want to blog about it? Currently, I relies on third party websites or applications or widgets to get the stats on all my blogs. Then I also depends on Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools to further understand the traffic pattern of my blog.

Well, with this stats, I can actually login to my Blogger account almost every day to check on the traffic trends instead of having to login to multiple websites just to get this information.

It is not a problem actually to login to multiple websites, but currently I am using Maxis Broadband which have the data capped and the service by this Maxis broadband is only good at certain area, and most of the time bad. In fact, just within my house here in Kulim, the connection would be good inside my room, but in the living hall, it switches between GPRS and HSDPA almost all the time which makes my connection not very stable.

Blogging can be more fun with all the statistic as we can see that whether people are really accepting what we blog and like the post. With statistic, we can have continuous improvement on what we blog and how we have our blogs designed.

Guess, I've blogged enough of today. Thinking of blogging on the Internet services that I am using tomorrow on my Connect With Mobility blog.

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