Time Flies.....Chinese New Year Is Just Around the Corner Time Flies.....Chinese New Year Is Just Around the Corner

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Monday, January 31, 2011

Time Flies.....Chinese New Year Is Just Around the Corner

This year I have a feeling that time really flies. I mean, we still have our 24 hours a day, each hour is 60 minute and there are 60 seconds every minute. However I do have a feeling that time just really past by me without me realizing. It was not long before I blogged and wished everyone a Happy New Year, and before that it was Christmas and end of the year holiday season.

One of the reason I have this feeling that time is shorter than it used to be is because the Chinese New Year is just around the corner just about six weeks after Christmas, which makes the transition between Christmas and Chinese New Year is way too short.

Imagine this, before Christmas, we were busy preparing for Christmas, setting up the Christmas tree, presents, food etc. Then right after Christmas, we have to take the tree down, which is time consuming, and then started to put on the Chinese New Year decoration.

My mum, I have to say.....is a supermum. I even skipped to blog our Christmas celebration and preparation, as my brother has already blogged about it in his blog as Christmas Reflection, but my mum managed to get almost everything done from taking down the Christmas tree and decorations and jump start Chinese New Year preparation without the help from her kids, well, I do help out with some decorations and preparation, but mostly is done by her alone.

She even managed to make some home cook cookies with my sister for Chinese New Year and some of the Chinese New Year stuff, not sure what those are called. Talking about it, maybe I should blog about this as well, maybe tomorrow, or later tonight.

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