Japan: Hardship, help and hope Japan: Hardship, help and hope

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan: Hardship, help and hope

A tsunami smashes vehicles and houses Friday in Kesennuma in northern Japan.

It's been like more than a month since I last write in this blog. A lot of things happened after the Chinese New Year celebration - I wish to blog about it, but does not seems in the mood to do so. I was quite busy over the time, mainly I was supporting production and currently in panic mode, or they usually call it fire-fighting mode here.

It seems to me that the year of Rabbit starts off with disaster and chaos all over the world. We have protesters almost in every countries, especially in the Middle East. These people protest mainly because of jobless, too free to do other things, government not doing enough to help the citizen and various reasons that anyone can think off.

The most recent one is the earthquake and tsunami that happened in Japan. Earthquake was one of the biggest in the history in Japan, follow directly by a strong tsunami. Not only that, damaged nuclear plant in Japan also leads to radiation leak which adds to the misery of the country.

I personally free sorry for the Japanese as they have to endure with so many problems in just less than a week. Whats more, these problems are not small......they are humongous.

I am thinking of how I can contribute to help the Japanese who are in agony, desperate for help from people all over the world, although I am quite sure I won't be there physically to help. I do not even know what I should do, even if I were to go there. Best bet is I will donate some money to the Japan Quake and Tsunami relief. I seriously believe that each of us can contribute something to help the Japanese to go through this hardship. Will update on my next post after I done my part to donate some money to the Japan Quake and Tsunami relief - after I top up my credit first :D

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