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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gain Weight Progress - Update 1

It's been more than a month since I posted on my goal this year which is to gain weight. Refer to My Goal This Year Is To Gain Weight.

Since it has been about a month since I posted it and really serious into gaining weight, I believe now is the time to talk a bit on my progress and what are the things that I've done in order to achieve my goal.

So, over the last one month or so, I do some light workout daily, well, maybe just Monday to Thursday. My light workout includes push up, about 100++ daily, which is split into 20-25 times per sets and about 4-6 sets each day, depending on my mood and also how tired I am on that day due to other activities.

I also been going to gym, of course only if a friend of mine push me to go, else, I'll be too lazy to go also. At gym, what I'll do mostly is crunch, about 100++ also, which is also split into 20-25 times per sets. Other activities include taking dumbbell and even run on the treadmill. Gym usually took about an hour or so.

Besides working out, I also have milk and protein drink daily while maintaining my diet previously. Had about 2-3 cups of milk daily and the same goes to protein drink and seriously I have been seeing some gain in my weight lately. I managed to gain about 2kg over the whole one month plus, so I do hope to maintain the lifestyle so that I'll be able to gain about 10-12 kg in another 6 months and periodically update this blog with the progress as well.

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