Sightseeing at Hong Kong City Center Sightseeing at Hong Kong City Center

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Sightseeing at Hong Kong City Center

I fly from Penang early morning last Thursday, and I only reached Chengdu late at night. The flight actually not long, just 2 hours plus from Penang to Hong Kong, and then another 2 hours plus to Chengdu. However, we got quite a long layover in Hong Kong, so, me and my colleagues decided to go sight seeing in Hong Kong with the 5 hours plus that we have.

After checking out from the Hong Kong International Airport, we took the Airport Express (I think that is what the train is called) to Hong Kong city center, although passenger from the train can stop at Kowloon as well. At the Hong Kong city center, we took the bus ride to explore some of the more popular places around the city center. We stopped by Bowrington Road to have our lunch - which is quite costly, but I knew all along that the food in Hong Kong is not cheap. Well, seriously speaking, the food is not bad and I kinda like it. Before we know it, after the whole sight seeing stuff, few hours gone, and it is time to go check in back to the airport.

It was tiring after the whole sight seeing in Hong Kong city center. We reached Chengdu airport at about nine plus at night and then by the time we checked out from the airport, it is already late at night. We get a taxi to go to the Crowne Plaza hotel and then go to our respective room. I had my shower late late night and then sleep as I need to report to work the next day. The next few posts will be about Chengdu.

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