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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Touchdown at Chengdu

After a tiring whole day walk in QingChengShan yesterday, I'm having a relaxing Sunday in my hotel room, just watching TV and surf net. While I'm watching Iron Man 2, I'm thinking, maybe I can write the experience once I've touchdown at Chengdu.

As I posted on my previous blog entry - Sightseeing at Hong Kong City Center, I have touched down at Chengdu late night on Thursday. So, the two colleagues of mine and I rushed to get a taxi to the hotel and check in late at night. The ride to the hotel took about thirty plus minutes.

My first impression on Chengdu is that, wow…..everything here looks big; cars, buildings etc.... I mean the buildings that I saw is like huge, malls are connected – you can just walk from one malls to another without having to repark your car or getting a taxi ride. The next thing that I noticed about Chengdu is that it is foggy…..well, not exactly fog, but haze. The air pollution here must be extremely bad. Next, I noticed many people; including those driving very luxury cars like a seven series are driving with open window and not to use the car air-cond, could be for fuel savings.

Next day, we had our breakfast here in the hotel and then we report to work. We grab a taxi from the hotel to Intel. To be honest, the taxi ride here is horrifying and I’m sort of like having a culture shock. Even if we are to get our own car rental, I’m pretty sure that the three of us would still prefer to get a taxi. It seems like there is no rule or just that we are not used to the driving condition here.

Everywhere we go, we can hear the honking sound from cars, and cars are coming in from all over the directions. We are not even sure when the cars are supposed to stop, and sometimes we can see cars from the opposite directions are coming towards us…….eventhough it is our turn to move. However, I really salute the drivers in Chengdu, or it can be in any other place in China as well. They drive so aggressively and dangerously, yet, they give priority to the pedestrians and bicycles and motorbikes. These people drive cars like riding a bike, swaying here and there as if they own the road, yet it is so efficient and effective here.

Ok, guess I better continue watching Iron Man 2. Will blog about some of the places that I have been visiting in Chengdu soon.


  1. Good to know that you've been travelling often. Is it business or leisure or both? Whatever it is, enjoy going around the city and explore new places and take bunch of photos. Have fun!

    Ria C

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  2. Again....for business, and leisure as well. :D


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