Ipoh House Renovation Progress - Part 5 Ipoh House Renovation Progress - Part 5

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ipoh House Renovation Progress - Part 5

It's been months since I last post my house renovation progress, the last one being Ipoh House Renovation Progress - Part 4. Indeed during the last few months there was not much updates except to move some of the smaller stuff to the house bit by bit, but more importantly the progress have to be stalled halfway due to the death of both my grandparents, one after another.

The living hall

We were supposed to move in to the house by then, but the schedule have to push out slightly for the funeral as well as other stuff. Even if those incidents did not take place, the moving in progress will also be delayed slightly due to the the delay in delivery of our dining table and chairs.

The dining set, which the delivery was delayed more than a month

Anyway, everything is over and so here we go again, continue the progress of the house renovation. Major renovation has been completed since the Part 4 post, and in this post is mostly on the installation of my living hall's home theater set.
So, we get transporter service from a friend of our aunt's and had bigger stuff move into the house via the lorry last Saturday morning and have those unpack in within few hours before we finally decided to have our lunch at the McD nearby.

After our lunch, we passed by Sen Heng, so we decided to get the TV set as well, while waiting TM technicians to fix our telephone line and have our broadband service ready. Bought 2 sets of TV and a home theater set and it those really burn a big hole in my pocket - but I was feeling a bit excited as the salesman told me that they can deliver on that day itself, only to have me disappointed at night when he called and told me that they will deliver the next day.

Nevertheless the home theater and TVs were delivered the next day and the technician helped me to fix the bracket to fix the TV against my TV cabinet and setup the TV with the TV antenna as well as the home theater, and to cut the story short, we have the TV and home theater up and running in about few hours of setting up - too bad I don't really have much time to play with it yet :(

The back of the TV

Bracket installed

It's so messy with speakers and stuff

Later at night, me and my sister setup the Christmas as Christmas is just around the corner - so we fill the house with Christmas mood.

Another view of the living hall

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