Not Bored Anymore :). Not Bored Anymore :).

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Monday, November 3, 2008

Not Bored Anymore :).

I was searching The Star Online for tonight's TV programme as I know I will be very boring after work if I do not have any TV programs to watch or any other form of entertainment like playing PC games, drawing etc. After looking through it for some time, then I realized I will be spoilt with the amount of TV programs that I can choose from. First is the cantonese movie in TV3, Unmatchable Match starring one of my favorite actor, Stephen Chow. It's actually an average cop flick stars Stephen Chow before he go full time comedy. I know a lot of people might say, "It's a repeat. Watch other movies or series better." But I'm a bit different. I always watch Stephen Chow's movie, though the movie might have been repeating for 2-3 times a year. In fact, I do have his movie collections. Next selection for the day is Forensic Heroes............again with my favorite actor and actress in it. Bobby Au Yeung and Linda Chung stars in this TVB series. I did not manage to watch it last time, nor I could not get a copy from my friend, thus, this TVB series is a MUST. Now I'm only stuck at 11pm-12am time frame when both are on air at TV3 and NTV7 respectivesly. Nevertheless, I will keep on switching the channel from that time onwards, so that I will not miss both. Then, I just realized that I need to catch up watching one new TVB series that I had recently. Been watching 12 episodes during the weekends with my family, and the series is soooo excited and I hardly can wait to finish it. Coming up soon will be Heroes Season 3 and then Smallville. Seems like I will be spoilt with these choices from this week onwards. Anyway, watching TV programs might just be one of my entertainment. I still need to practice my FIFA game, as I've been struggling in the World Class difficulty. Well......I can also blogs a bit and also maybe start plotting and drawing comic to past my free time in Kulim. Looks like in the end, I found myself something to do during the weekdays. YES!!! In the end, I found something that I can do to past the time. Hopefully this can last longer before I started to get bored with these activities. :)

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