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Monday, February 2, 2009

Moody To Work is the official day at work after a week off from job. I woke up 5.45 am and then hv a shower and took my breakfast at home in Ipoh. Then at about 6.30 am, I started my journey from Ipoh to Kulim, the place where I work and stay during the weekdays. The journey to my office took about 2 hours, when I reached office and parked my car, it is already 8.30 am. I have a meeting at 9.00 am, which will be reschedule to 11.00 am next round. Basically this is the only meeting that I have on Monday. So, usually on Monday, I will be kind of moody to work. Maybe because I need to wake up early, so it will be kinda tiring. Next after the meeting....all I do was just check and reply emails.....which is not tough, as most of the people were on leave the whole last week. Then I take online course....and after that surf net. Feel like there's something holding me back from really working, but anyway, this is usually the case after long break. Let me take about 2-3 days to come back to reality where I need to really work things out. Another "bullshitting" post here again. Sigh....when will I regain myself....Lolz.

Signing off here for today. Hopefully the next post won't be this kind of bullshit. But I've already downloaded Chinese New Year photos to my laptop, so I think I can post on what I did during the Chinese New Year next post. :)

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