Christmas Preparation - Part 3 Christmas Preparation - Part 3

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Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Preparation - Part 3

Over the weekends, my family and I were busy getting ready for Christmas. All of us are really in Christmas mood. Even right now, I can still hear the same Christmas songs play over and over in my head.

We re-arranged the house furniture, so that the living hall will look bigger and can cramped more people in it. Then we finish decorating the Christmas tree, "fireplace" and also do some minor cleanup. My mum was marinating chicken wings - we are going to have BBQ that day plus something like potbless/potluck where every guest will contribute to the food as well. We also go shop for more junk food and other food to ensure that everyone will be full that day.

Our house "fireplace" which is 70% done

Mum is busy preparing the chicken wings

The marinated chicken wings - I'm sure it's delicious, well, at least that was what others comment on the wings previous year

Going to the nearby Tesco to buy more food etc

Trying out the new hat with my younger sister

Mum and my elder sister continue to decorate the "fireplace"

Even my younger brother's girlfriend also help out

Trying out the effect.........

Now, it's mum's turn

Well, that's all the preparation that I've been involved with. I'm sure there are other things to do, but I will not be around, as I'm back to work in Kulim.

Anyway, while I was blogging about this, something come to my mind. While we all have in mind, Christmas is like celebration, presents, Santa Claus, Jesus Christ, gathering etc. But do we really know what is the real meaning of Christmas? I'll try to post about it on my next post - and hopefully I get the real meaning of Christmas right......As for now, Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!

Signing off,
Jason Toh


  1. nice fireplace~~ AWESOME effect~!

  2. Hi Jason,

    Wow, your mom is so creative! I love it when parents help out in the decorations and take huge responsibility in doing so. Kudos to her! How was your holidays? Mine was super...though short...

    Belated Merry Christmas and Happy and Peaceful 2009 to you and your family.


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