Thinking for the suitable broadband to be used... Thinking for the suitable broadband to be used...

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thinking for the suitable broadband to be used...

I tried looking endlessly for the most suitable broadband package but I find myself being disappointed over and over again.
It is rather a big blow and I must said that Malaysia is far from becoming a developed country if we can't improve ourselves on this area.
As I was looking through DIGI, Maxis, iZZi, P1, and Celcom, I must said that Celcom seems to come out with the best offer yet it does not really fulfill my criteria. To make it worse, I've been reading tonnes of negative comments regarding their package with some even saying that Digi EDGE is even better.
Celcom, being the number 1 broadband provider in Malaysia since it has the widest coverage and apparently, the most affordable plan.
Below are the plans available with Celcom.

The best and of course, one of the most expensive plan that I've come across so far....

Celcom Broadband Wireless Gateway + Voice Plan for instant high speed Internet connectivity as well as mobile networking with friends and family anytime, anywhere.

Then, there is the Broadband Basic and Broadband Advance.

Of course the plan that actually attracted me were the Home, Hop and Away Plan which could be very useful for travelling, staying at home and it's quite affordable. However, I'm rather disappointed to know that it actually come with a time limit. Looking through the plans and packages available, I might opt for Broadband Basic as there will not be a need to continue to use it for a year unlike the other plans. Hopefully when DIGI has their 3G, they will come out with much more affordable and convenient plan.

Now I know why we see so much improvement in Digi over the years while the other companies are slowly being caught up by Digi. I'm sure that looking at DIGI's example will be a clear guide for us towards survival....anyway at the moment, Celcom still rules in Malaysia.

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  1. my fren ,,, Digi had launch 3G Broadband since end of Feb well i am Digi EDGE user since 2006, although it slow compare with others 3G player, well DIGI is super stable with no dissconnect issue at all. and is the only WIRELESS broadband with REAL NO DATA LIMIT... i check my bill, every month i use 60GB++ i only stream radio over nit most of time till morning, no dissconne at all ... if Celcom or Maxis sure dont know hang up how many time liaooo loooo :)


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