Holiday is over, now time to work... Holiday is over, now time to work...

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Holiday is over, now time to work...

I gave myself a short break after my final examination. Now that I had my break, I definitely feel more refreshed and am ready for working. I'm not the type settled for a job especially since I have plenty of time. I'm currently a private tutor and I have flexible time since I don't have to be working 8hours a day.

Anyway, I was just looking for a few options....part time blogger, freelance writer, and probably doing a bit of small business.

Well, I was thinking of working as a promoters for those fairs held in my hometown. The good thing is the pay is much better than usual. And there is not a need to be standing everyday in shopping complex. Just once in a while. This gives me the time to continue teaching my students and doing my other daily activities.

I guess that's all for now from me....will be searching for some part time jobs...if you have any good ideas, do drop me a comment here ya?

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