Recession hit...what next? Recession hit...what next?

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Recession hit...what next?

I'm doing some research in the internet on the current economy situation. Seems terrible and honestly, I'm thankful that I've yet to embark on the working world yet. It probably is a better route to remain in the tertiary education to earn more skills, as well as knowledge. After all, it'll help to create a ME that's more analytic and critical at the situation or circumstances that I might be facing.

I used to ask my mom about what it takes to be successful. Being a conservative as she is, she told me that it requires "hardwork" but really, is that all it takes? I wonder...and yet I knew that it's that inspiration from such mothers that will push me forward. I'm thankful to have such supportive and caring mother. Well, I guess this post is suitable since Mother's Day is so near....should acknowledge our mother's effort in bringing us up...right? oops...I'm getting side-tracked now...aiks!!

is this what our Earth becoming? sinking??

Well, back to the that recession hit even in Malaysia...what's next? For those in Perak, maybe you're more caught up with the comical political scenario

Cops going against the civilians...we still have time for such politic game...

Well, I think that's what happen when we're too caught up with our own life....Ipoh town has never really been that "active" and probably that's why we're not too aware of the hit. But for those in KL, especially fresh grad that finds it hard to find jobs, these 'politic games' definitely has nothing to do with them.

I'm not the type who care nothing for my state but I guess for now, that's nothing that I can do. So it's better that I stay alert on the current economy flow.
Well, the question still goes back to what's next after this hit? Recovery as history shows us? I believe so but how will these continue to lead us onto?

I believe the Earth is a sinking system that eventually will lead us to a fall so great that has never been seen before. Trace back to history, we'll see how great nations fall at the peak....and I believe it'll come a time when the Earth will fall....probably that's how the idea of "Matrix", "IRobot" and other future sort of movies come up with. The idea of how mankind will fall.

Look at countries like Indonesia, Thailand, and now drawing closer to my own country, Malaysia...politically unstable. USA, the giant of this era....probably is slowly fading...What about China? The supposedly upcoming giant. But history tells us how China fall again and again due to their own battle within. India was a mess itself as well....only the rich seems to be enjoying much there while you can see how the poor suffer to their death.

So my conclusion? Yes, the world is slowly sinking....people try to make a difference but it is definitely not working. Probably if we watch Batman: Dark Knight, we'll see what it means by a failed community.

And like the Batman, we'll need a "hero". At least a figure of a hero...something that America's president, Barrack Obama is trying to achieve. It's not a bad effort but it's not good enough.
I believe it'll be an effort of a community. Probably something that online communities could afford to create....maybe in blogosphere? Some sort of ideology spread through the net? something like that and we all need to be aware...the days of our "unseen consequences in our action" has long gone. The judgement day is coming soon....not as in end of the Earth of that sort...but something like that and we all need to learn to deal with that, sooner or later...

Good luck!!

our aging planet? is it still in balance? time will tell!!

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