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Thursday, May 28, 2009


Sometimes, it's not easy to take up freelancing as a permanent job. After all, there is a BIG RISK involved, all the more if you have a family to support.

I believe most people venture out for freelance job in their early adult life. Most of them are probably just university students while some have just graduated. Freelancing will not be appropriate for people who are not financially stable, if you need it as a permanent job.

Freelance is something like starting a business on your own. If you have business, you have money. For freelancer, if you have projects, you have money.

Most people like to imagine themselves doing freelance job because of the benefits that freelance job can offer:

  • Flexibility of time
  • Most freelancers do jobs that they like and enjoy
  • Working time is not fixed.
  • You can go for holiday any time you want

No doubt about it, freelance offer what most people find it difficult to have..."free time".

But if you want to venture on this road, you must first take note of the risk.
Ask are you going to support yourself if you don't have any projects for a few months? Will money be a problem for you?

It is crucial to understand these risks before one even consider about 'freelance'.

I am currently a freelance writer and blogger as well, but I don't depend on all these for my survival. These are what I consider as my extra income. (side income). Well, it's easy for me to do this as I'm still a university student and not much commitment is involved at the moment but things can be a little different for people who have family. There is a need to have a fixed income. Even as I started to venture into freelance, I made sure that I had stable income through my "private tuition" classes.

Freelance is definitely a way to push you further ahead of your peers, but it'll be wise not to be lured into freelancing without much preparation.

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