Blogging isn't simple... Blogging isn't simple...

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Monday, June 8, 2009

Blogging isn't simple...

I have friends coming to me asking how did one blog and earn money from blogging. Some people even go to the extra mile in asking if it is possible to be earning full time through blogging alone. If you ask me, I will said: Yah..there are those who manage to do it. So I guess it's possible.

But my personal experience tells me that blogging isn't simple. and it is not about getting money alone from it. It is always difficult to blog about something that you are not into it. Something that you are not passionate about.

In Malaysia, we have famous blogs like Kennysia and mostly the other politician blogs.

If you read at how they consistently update their blog, your though of going full time blogger will simply be blown away.

Blogging isn't simple and it is a learning process...I'm learning here!!

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