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Friday, June 12, 2009

It's all about money

You probably be surprised to read this post but this is the fact in today's society. Nothing matters more than this: Money. At least, generally money plays a crucial role in our society's today. And it hit even the sports' industry. The staunch Catholic in football, no one other than Kaka has finally been persuaded by money and fame to Real Madrid. Well, if Kaka is not a good example, Cristiano RONALDO definitely is. And how did he celebrate? With a celebrity known to many of us, Paris Hilton.

Yup...that's right...with money, you get the hot chicks as well...

this girl definitely is telling you this!!

Not only that in fact, with money, you can also be the one who change the world. Look at the richest man on Earth at the moment, back to Bill Gates after so long...and he's donating so much of his treasures to the community of this planet.

Well, survival is almost inseparable from money and if you are ready to make a difference in this world, be it for good or bad, you'll definitely need to survive better than most people.

You probably understand why I call this blog survival of the fittest. Because it is one planet continue to develop without waiting for you.

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