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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Breakfast at Sin Yoon Loong

Well it's been some time since I last went to Ipoh Old Town for breakfast, and today I had my breakfast in one of the most famous place in Ipoh - Sin Yoon Loong Coffee Shop. Well, the coffee taste almost as good as those in Old Town Kopitiam and cost way lower. I don't want to compare with Starbucks as Starbucks would be totally another type of coffee.

This place is famous for its White Coffee

I order a cup of coffee and have fishball Hor Fun - Ipoh is also a famous place for Hor Fun. Although we originally plan to have our breakfast in the origin of Old Town White Coffee, Nam Heong which is just the opposite of this shop, but Nam Heong was closed. Anyway, the coffee is good, the food is not bad. Overall, it's nice to have breakfast here especially with family members.

The smell of the White Coffee.....hmmmmm :D

Forgot what this is called.....caramel custard?

The Hor Fun is not too bad, although I can find better Hor Fun in Ipoh

The fish balls are nice

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