Happy Mother's Day Happy Mother's Day

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day and we celebrated Mother's Day with our mum and granny in the Mun Cheong Restaurant. It is quite unusual for us to celebrate special occasion in a Chinese cuisine restaurant as usually we will opt to celebrate occasion like this in restaurants or cafes that serve western food, but since granny is staying with us until her house renovation is completed, we have it in the Chinese cuisine restaurant.

Honestly if you ask me, I prefer to have it elsewhere but surprisingly the food turns out to be quite nice. We have like six dishes. Here goes the first dish that was served.
This soup....don't know the name, but it turns out that I like it very much.

Salad prawn - too sweet
Fish - one of the best dishes today, as we can finish this fish up.

Overall, the food is OK and again, what we would like to emphasize more is on the celebration and the quality that each and everyone of us have.

Finally, I will like to wish all the my mother once more and all the mothers in the world a Happy Mother's Day.

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