Ipoh House Renovation Progress - Part 3 Ipoh House Renovation Progress - Part 3

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Ipoh House Renovation Progress - Part 3

This is the 3rd installment of my Ipoh house renovation progress. Refer to Ipoh House Renovation Progress and Ipoh House Renovation Progress - Part 2 for the first two part of the renovation progress.

Living hall

Finally, after about a month of waiting, the house TV cabinet is up and the same goes to my parents wardrobe - so, can say the house is in move in condition. Other upgrades include some minor add-on to the bar.

Bar with some new add-ons. Do you know what are the changes?

Completed wardrobe

Another view of the living hall

The best part of the whole house renovation is the mini garden of the house is about 50% done, well, the grass started to grow, the same goes to those plants. I'm not sure how long will it takes for me to be able to have roselle drink from my own garden or umbra juice, although our mint plant grow so fast that we can start to eat from it already :D

Mini Garden

My mum and my sister will be going over to the house to clean up as well to move some stuff over.

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